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  1. When I get home. I'll mask you ad an sk member.
  2. Indeed. I just added a picture of it in the OP. Takes less resources than TS and is faster and easier to use as-well.
  3. I've bought a gamevox server for communications on games with me and my friends. However, I've set up an area just for 7K. To gain access to the server, it's as easy as clicking on this link and downloading the file. It'll automatically allow you access to the server. Post below if you decide to test it out. I'll mask you as a member of The Seven Kingdoms
  4. I would, I'm working tomorrow and next weekend though. :< I have every DLC for CK2 and the mod in question.
  5. I can play this on my new PC. Is it worth me picking a ship up yet?
  6. Really simple here. Got a track you keep watching on youtube? Post it here.
  7. No you won't. You're far to lazy you slut. We miss you though.
  8. The girlfriend got me a drinking horn and a war horn for Christmas(among other things) I thought I'd share them here. The one pictured in my hand is the largest of the three, it's also the war horn. It roughly makes a sound like that of the Horn of Gondor(I know I've used it a lot) The next horn down in size is a 2 1/2 pint horn again I know I tested it and lastly the smaller one is a half pint horn. I hope you all got some awesome Christmas presents like I did. Edit: I'll clean my bedroom whenever I clean the rest of the apartment! I'm lazy.
  9. I just completed it as-well, gotta be honest it was extremely dam good. As Reagan stated, there were some choices that I made that I regretted instantly however I'm going to stick by them and see how it plays out. The North remembers!
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