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  1. Tenages?? That shits still kickin about too???
  2. Lolol of course it can from us, it’s only tradition!! I mean, I have a discord, but SK was the only thing I’d ever get on for, I do all my gaming on the ps4 #consolemasterrace
  3. Lol yeah, it’s been a dash! Haha so how’s the war fading? And our leaks, I assume? and things are good on my end! Gettin ready to graduate, my voiceover career is slowly but surely taking off (so if any of you professionals have a hook up or a need hmu), and about to enter the real world!
  4. Whaddup peeps. Gotta say I’m just shocked PW is even still around. How go the grand ol SK’ers?
  5. I need some cash to build my infra to 600 and to build the mil. Can I get 7 mil for now?
  6. I don't have the cash to buy troops, and I'm under blockade. I'm planning to just fortify and nuke as long as I can
  7. I'll do what I can, but I'll be more of a meat shield in this war Also, I'd like to formally propose we make the Yugi flag our formal flag for the war
  8. Is this likely to be a heavily involved war, or relatively light? I'mmleaving for about 1-2 weeks for Greece on Thursday, and likely won't have a ton of internet while traveling around
  9. Doubtful I can make that time. I've got everything but ships mil'd up though. I'll go into vacation for a few days, and can join in the festivities later this week edit: damn, never used vacation and didn't realize it's a 2 week minimum... I'll stay active but still won't make the blitz, overseas, bad wifi, no data, etc
  10. To what levels should I remilitarize/repair infra?
  11. What's up! Duece1995 is the ID i know I misspelled deuce, and that even if spelled right it'd be a bad name, but it was middle school...
  12. When can we begin nuking? I lost most of my spies last night, they'll be hitting my nukes soon
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