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  1. I suppose I can update myself too. Leg pic? There's a screenshot of my foot in the edge of a picture that I took like 2yrs ago pinned on my main discord channel. So does foot count for legs? So, Squeegee sorta has contributed to the leg pics now Maybe not his leg, but he did contribute. Edit: I tried the tool out and if my hair were a bit longer I'd look like Adolf Hitler with the default style selected. No joke.
  2. Netplay Tutorial - How to play with others This is a really simple task. First, click Tools > Start Netplay: You can choose your nickname here. Click Reset Traversal Settings and it should look something like: Hosting To host, click Host and select the game you want to host and click Host in the bottom right: You'll get the host window. In bottom middle-left, increase the buffer to 16: Now you're almost ready to have others join. Next to the "Room ID:" you'll see a code. Click the copy button to the right and give this code to your friend(s) that want to join: Once all your friends have joined you can click start and play: Joining To join a game, enter in the code your friend gave you in the Host Code box: Then just click Connect and you're ready to go.
  3. Tutorial to setup Dolphin Once you extract dolphin, open it up and you should see something like this without any games in the list: You will want to create a folder somewhere to put all your games in (ie: Documents/MyGames/Dolphin Games). This will be your directory. Next click Config. Under the first tab, General, you will want to make sure that Enable Cheats is on so we can have all characters already unlocked for multiplayer games. Next, click the GameCube tab and make sure that the MemorySlot A and MemorySlot B are both <Nothing> Next go to Paths and click Add... Navigate it to your newly created folder where your games will be and then just click Ok, then OK on the config. Now, just click the refresh button and all your games in the directory will be listed. The graphic settings should be already optimized. The last step is to make sure your controller is setup (or keyboard if you don't have a controller). Just click Controllers Port 1 is for the "controller 1" (You can have friends locally play as well if you have more than 1 controller) Click Configure and select the device you're using (keyboard or controller): Then just go through all the options and map them according to what you want. The "Modifier" can be cleared out by right clicking them and selecting clear. They're not needed. That concludes the setup of your emulator. The next tutorial will be about connecting to netplay to play with others.
  4. Some of us have just started looking at playing some classic games on Gamecube using the Dolphin emulator. So, here's a link to the version that works best for Super Smash Brothers Melee, and it also works fine for other games: Dolphin SSBM optimized We've decided to make things easy for some games that we'll likely play together, and I have added them to a google drive as .7z files: Games! If you want to request anything else added to the drive, let me, Mikey, Squeegee, or Clover know and we'll look at adding them. There is a limit on how many we can have for each google account since some of the games are over 1GB in size.
  5. Hey all. We've got a clan up for Destiny 2. Check it out here
  6. Sure. I'm game any day after 5pm.
  7. Please put movie requests here. Upvote them if you like the movie suggestion. We'll go with the movie with the most votes up to the movie night. Any others not selected will be rolled into the following week for the next movie night.
  8. So far, three four vehicles are completed. There will be multiple color variations available for use. Pickup truck - Medium Speed, Good Handling Racecar - High Speed, Decent Handling Dragster - Very High Speed, Poor Handling Offroader - Slow Speed, Great Handling APC - Slowest Speed, Highest Handling (Turret is disabled and will do nothing with indestructible blocks on during the races)
  9. So I decided to join up with my bud (Callum introduced me to him) Khellegath in running a space engineers server. We've done some survival in the past, but this time we've decided to make some racetracks! We're going to aim to have at least three different tracks done before the event starts, and probably 4-5 different vehicles for you to choose from. We'll start with just planet-based tracks and later on look at a space, asteroid avoiding, twisting racetrack. Game plan currently is to have it probably around July 1st or so. If you want to participate or contribute to it, lemme know here! I hope to see at least 8 racers!
  10. You shush! Apparently it isn't as close to high-tide as I thought, so I can add more to it as the week goes by.
  11. Took ~1 hour. The whole castle (the keep is mine). Brooklyn's IA building. Squeegee's ACDC building, and the Inactives sector (And Mikey's FA building) Callum's LC building. Clover's MoC building. Mikey's FA closer up. Everyone else & Yugi.
  12. I upgraded. Actually I built an entirely new one: ASRock 99x something Mobo 16GB 3200MHz DDR4 RAM Intel i7-6900k processor EVGA GTX 1080ti EVGA Supernova 700 power supply Rosewill Thor V2 case - Black Corsair h80i CPU watercooler. Crucial 500GB SSD I took my Intel 400GB PCIe SSD and moved it into the new one (yay didn't have to re-install steam games!) And I took my old blu-ray/dvd drive and threw it into the new one (and haven't plugged it in yet still lol)
  13. It appears that you pay attention to him enough in our public discord channel. *sigh*
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