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  1. I know Squeegee, Clover (but he's as rare to play anything with as is finding a 57 leaf clover), and I have it. Anyone interested in possibly playing some?
  2. I still have about 15 of each flag magnet actually.
  3. Basically my thoughts. SK is one of the oldest AA's in the game, and our strength hasn't really been up to it's reputation for years. Squeegee can't take all the blame on that, as I also didn't do as much as I should have when I lead SK. I agree that it's about time we move on from this far-too-long stagnation that SK has had. I know many members feel that way, and this is probably the best approach. We can do it professionally too so those that want to keep playing don't get screwed over. I was prior gov and was burned out on the community of the game years ago. I linger around not to short out on others. I've been wanting to give my nation to someone more active for the last year, albeit not very prolifically. It's still an option for someone who wants a nation of 23 cities. It still has a free name change available (or should have it). --For some short history,-- SK was founded a long time ago prior to PW existing in a game that had phenomenal potential but went down the drain after a server-wide hack ruined the files, and the developer gave up on fixing it (It wasn't the 1st time it happened actually), and the game died afterwards. PW popped around that time and we all joined it and created the alliance here. It had a great high in the start, but as members left with unreasonable vendettas and alliances betrayed us for personal gain, SK started losing it's grip on it's seat at the top. About the time that our original PW leader left for real life reasons, our alliance took it's slow turn downhill. Humps and bumps along the way has led it to now, and it's never been the same. Sheepy didn't help with his very obvious money-grabbing antics he added to the game. --End short history-- Unfortunately God, true neutrality is nigh impossible for SK, even if we had a full leadership change. There's people out there still that just have that negative opinion of our name, many of whom have no real reason or were "matured" into that mentality without knowing the full stories and such. Sucks, but it's reality.Also War is still an important point of this game. It's just always been handled badly (imo) over the last many years. 3-4 years ago wars were maybe 2 months tops, and we'd be in at least 3 per year AND we still were able to grow. The way the game mechanics have changed and how AAs conduct war now is less about winning than it is about destroying as much as possible to determine the winner. Unfortunately, this mindset is set in stone and won't be able to change in any short time, if ever. tl:dr, We should retire in PW and true neutrality doesn't work in PW, much less for SK as a name.
  4. That's why it's classified as an electronic sport. That gives it a different further meaning.
  5. What do you consider physical exertion? If it's heart rate and adrenals running faster, then yes it easily can. Your brain can easily burn more calories than sports, and does regularly. Professional chess players can burn well above 4000 calories a day. https://www.espn.com/espn/story/_/id/27593253/why-grandmasters-magnus-carlsen-fabiano-caruana-lose-weight-playing-chess https://www.gq.com.au/fitness/sport/elite-chess-players-can-burn-6000-calories-and-lose-1kg-a-day-in-tournaments/news-story/33ec178d9fdb83fd171336011ce1ed47 Most sports players burn less than that because you only do them for about 2hrs tops of actual game-time. https://www.nutristrategy.com/caloriesburned.htm https://www.health.harvard.edu/diet-and-weight-loss/calories-burned-in-30-minutes-of-leisure-and-routine-activities Typical gaming cannot compete, but the actual high-end professionals in games such as classic Star Craft where a lot of analytical data is processing, you can see quite a bit consumed. Basically games that require a lot of thinking and stress (competitive) can burn quite a bit. Maybe not as much as chess, but I wouldn't doubt that the world tourny League players burn more than 300 in a 40-min game. Have you ever played a competition video game and form the excitement and stress you were shaking a little after the match ended? NASCAR drivers have a constant heart rate in the 170+ range their entire race - 2-3hrs. That's FAR more physically challenging than physical sports such as American football and basketball (It's also one reason they're never fat). So really, you have to define what you mean by physical exertion.
  6. I already read 2 people posting that were some of the last people I'd expect to see post. Things are looking up Edit: The higher city counts generate a substantial amount of money so that less tax ends up being around the same amount and in some cases still more amount than the tiers below them. It's also a little incentive to move up
  7. I agree on this. If you look at the root definition of a Sport: "an activity involving physical exertion and skill in which an individual or team competes against another or others for entertainment." While I do consider it a sport, I'm far far less likely to watch them over real sports.
  8. Yes. Throw it on your wishlist and wait for sale, or check humble bundle. They've been having a bunch of good sales recently. I have a few other racing games too.
  9. I'll be available. I'll forward the info to my two cousins in the server too. They'll probably want to join if able.
  10. deterrent measures Sidenote: some of you guys are really bad at this game. Not supposed to use same word again at least within like... idk 10 at least. Also, 'noone' is not one word >_>
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