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  1. always could watch austin powers as well for a laugh. with added SK commentary!
  2. Man I just get off work to see a vote count towards me! Well just like the last few games of mafia. It's always chaos the first few nights till we establish a foothold towards information of weeding out the enemies >.> Btw, Hi. I am free from work now and ready to role play my way into each other's hearts with alcohol and weird exotic foods that people love to look and taste when drunk as fuck. ^~^
  3. Time to get myself into the rp spirit again.
  4. Dickachu Used Swallow! It was Super Effective!
  5. ~~With my final breath, I Yell out the words..the sweet words that bring comfort to my very soul..The words that curses the Lannisters and Littlefinger, but blesses the remaining Stark Bannermen.. DICKS OUT FOR HARAMBE! ~I pull out a note from my helmet and grip it tightly, in hopes of a someone, a friend of the Stark, will read my final will. As luck would have it, A janitor, who loathes cleaning up messes after a bloody ordeal, notices the ornate note in my hands. Before rigor mortis was able to set in, the unknown janitor opens the note and reads in a silent voice. "To whoever this note concerns, I, iTorchic, Loyal bannerman of the Stark, will be dead in a short notice, as I may have angered the Lannisters for voicing out my opinion of shady black operation tactics. For crying out to our men, more blood will be shed if we do not call out the men who remain silent in this town but speak freely behind closed doors. Like Bill Clinton when he claimed he did not have sexual relations with that woman. Or Hillary Clinton when she said she did not send any secret emails to that man. (whoever is reading this letter, if you do not understand the joke. Just think of someone eating yellow snow in wintertime) Send this word to the remaining people who are alive...Suspect the silent! I leave all my precious jewels and delicious dank memes..to Gandalf the Gay...Grey, sorry. I didn't have enough ink to scratch that out. Dicks out for our lord and savior of the big banana in heaven's jungle, Harambe. iTorchic.
  6. We seriously gotta stop randomly blaming others then bandwagoning onto that vote. We need hard evidence. Even though our cop is dead...We gotta start looking towards the unseen. We gotta take action on those who is not talking. They are low key avoiding detection so easily with all this confusion going around.
  7. Ravioli Ravioli, Rip in pepperonies.
  8. I'm pretty sure Nibra is innocent though. But you know, fuck me with a rusty spoon if im wrong, right? And seems a bit suspicious that Rook notes...the quiet ones....
  9. No I saw. Well. The way they were captured and imported is very simple. We had a box. Held up with a stick. And there was a banana in the middle. Gorillas love bananas. And importing them. All we had to do was let them paddle the boat for food. Slavery at its finest.
  10. You say your innocent. But I hear you're anti-harambe, Valdoroth! Explain this. (#DicksoutforHarambe) On a side note. Pouring out some jesus juice for the fallen homie.
  11. Am i allowed to draw DickButt on my will?
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