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  1. I call dibs on chopping any and all other heads that remain.
  2. Tbh i vote for the alternate. We shouldn't rock the boat and may look favorable towards gaining new recruits and getting fresh blood into this Alliance. Not that i don't mind the small party count. I just wanna shitpost more. That's my main goal.
  3. @Squeegee Mystery Science Theater 3000 style. like what we saw for godzilla. lol
  4. Man I just get off work to see a vote count towards me! Well just like the last few games of mafia. It's always chaos the first few nights till we establish a foothold towards information of weeding out the enemies >.> Btw, Hi. I am free from work now and ready to role play my way into each other's hearts with alcohol and weird exotic foods that people love to look and taste when drunk as fuck. ^~^
  5. Time to get myself into the rp spirit again.
  6. Standard notes. Do not build before update. double buy. and switch city to mil improvements. If possible. If mensa is retarded ( which i hope they are ) they will beige us and we can come back. if not. let em rip. ALSO REQUEST BANK AID HERE IF YOU NEED IT
  7. The topic of F.A We were (and still are) well within our right to gear up and honor our treaties. Pre decided to whip out his dick and be like "I'm just gonna keep this out and rub it in your face and you won't do shit". Then as soon as we gear up and militarize (with no start up time I might add! Good job to us btw, we just need to work on Wc and we will be more prepared for future no delay responses) and getting ready to slap the ever lasting shit out of his cock n taters. He pulls it back and says. "sorry" (not sorry). No matter what. If we say that we're gonna defend someone. We honor that shit cuz we are an elitist group. Topic of Grealind's turning tail and running. Just another Kyte in my opinion. In his eyes. War did not benefit him. Decides to flee. Abandons us. Yet war never happened. So fuck it. Whatever. Yes sure the war wouldn't really benefit the entire alliance since we just finished rebuilding and whatnot. But tbh. The good points we wracked up in F.A was worth us gearing up. And since we didn't go to war. It doesn't even hurt us since we should already be having an army in peace times at this level. Internal issues. No communism! More voice to the power of the people! And free donuts at every Meeting!! In all seriousness. As long as the Small Council lets us throw our two cents in the mix and let us know what's up. (information that is well reasoned to be shared. Not top confidential information like Mikeys cock n taters size and Valdoroth's preference of hentai)
  8. Just wanted to let everyone know that i 69'd Mikey.
  9. Your eyes are always on my balls so it should be pretty hard, tbh. Srsly. Screw Rose in the bud. Valyria/Sk as a Microsphere. Grow with our magnificent pills of growth ( Aptly named, Viagra: Vigorous. Initiative. Aptitude. Growing Real Apples) And grow with the ACDC program and make the smaller AA grow up with us. That way they can have a home with us and we can grow our Sphere up. Or we can all play naked twister.
  10. Honestly. Rose just sucks. I'm sorry. But they just dropped the ball twice now. And I really do think Rose just used us to get revenge on t$ and gonna leave us in the end.
  11. Well it is called a micro dick for a reason.
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