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  1. A little Shinedown to rock out to
  2. There are quite a few more Ghibli films than HP ones though, unless we are only going to watch the more popular titles?
  3. Might need a runoff poll unless an option suddenly runs away with it.
  4. Go see some Attack on Titan or something.
  5. How deep into the graveyard did you have to dig to find this thread?
  6. It was a little more than half in jest, why I added the "high tier" trash as it certainly isn't terrible in a Dragonball: Evolution sense, just very generic and highly overrated to me. I'm not familiar with your example (wym?) so I can't comment on that. Isekai in general is so saturated everything looks to same to me, seems the studios can crap out titles and make money why actually put any effort into them?
  7. I thought you were trolling when you said SAO its at best high tier trash anime, the worst popular iseaki out there. At least pick Shield Hero or something. Corey in the House? Might as well say Boku no Pico for edgy answers. Change that to Archer and alright. Anime has a very diverse catalogue. There is a stereotype that anime is all about ecchi but it really isn't. Plenty of shows out there that don't go for panty shots. Going to have to deal with teenagers of some sort in most though, the genre is directed at that demographic... If you want a different stereotype how about the muscled macho hero? Plenty of fighting anime out there, or maybe mecha? Though for those asking for an entry level anime I'd always go for Cowboy Bebop (sort of like Firefly I think) or Full Metal Alchemist: Brotherhood for entry level shows. Which by chance are two of my favs along with Fate:Zero and Steins;Gate, there are several possibles that I'd put as a favorite. For the OP if you're curious I'm a bit of a fan after all. https://myanimelist.net/animelist/gswelcome
  8. Okay can't help myself, back to that 90s sound...
  9. Rewatching Lovely Complex myself right now. Though I don't need any quarantine to have an excuse to watch anime... @Squeegee Never could get into most sports anime gotta admit. Need more character development for me to enjoy. Love Cross Game though.
  10. Pepsi between the two but a mandarin jarritos is what I go for right now.
  11. Something a little different maybe?
  12. Some of the best music ever made, hands down imo. Hmmmm this just might make the playlist. This is something new I'm guessing, I'm not too familiar with stuff past the year 2000 unless it comes from an older group.
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