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  1. Such kind words. I'm blushing. Thanks to Lynx and everyone else who answered mah questions.
  2. Libtardages


    What type of strategic video games? Any examples? Good to have you! Welcome.
  3. Good to have you! I've always preferred attics to basements myself.
  4. Hello to all! To those of you who don't know me, I'm sorry that I've now changed your lives for the worse. To those of you who do know me, well you didn't really think I'd let you recover in peace from the wreckage I made of you? To introduce myself to comrades from the last 3.5 years that I haven't met, I'm Tenages. Nice to meet you. I used to hang around here back when we were a barely functioning heap of drug addled booze hounds. For a time I led SK, which mostly meant I made Valdoroth do all the work while I fucked around and got us rolled. <3 Because SK is a drug you can never really kick, I've ventured back for at least the 3rd time since my departure. Place looks much nicer than it used to, well done all.
  5. Black and White is definitely kinda dull. Could go with Black and Silver which is the older color scheme, and definitely superior to black and white. (Not necessarily the same exact shade of grey/silver but you get the idea.) Paired with the new dragon emblem but going back to the older color scheme would be a nice way to tie the present/future to the past. Of the black/gold vs charcoal/gold I definitely prefer the gold/black. It might not have the accuracy in reflecting physical color, but it just looks better on a computer screen and that is the means of interface here. Gotta consider the colors meaning too, since it is heraldry. Black, silver and gold are all pretty good from that POV.
  6. I know. Queue groans and despair. If you know me, you already hate me. If you don't, you'll shorty discover how lucky you were, and then will hate me. In other words, hello again you magnificent bastards. I still love you.
  7. Nay I move we replace Brook as King with Yugi instead
  8. Clearly what you all need is for me to come back and coup the alliance, then resume doing FA by never talking to literally anyone else about what I'm planning until it happens. Then everything bad that happens I'll blame on Cody. You guys laugh, but I say it's a system that's never been topped.
  9. 0/10. Not enough medieval language, flowery insults and indecipherable bullshit. I expect better from you Mikey.
  10. Lags a little for me also. Browswer: Chrome OS: Mac OSX El Capitan I also haven't cleared the cache in fuck knows how long.
  11. You know, I see Ragnar isn't on this list.....
  12. Well done gents and ladies. Well done.
  13. We do actually do a couple other things with the 7k directory. SKRP has a sub site at 7kingdoms.net/skrp and Mikey's got a couple other long terms projects. Also there's the base landing page and our archives from PT at 7kingdoms.net/PT, as well as an archive of graphics and announcements from both PT and PW) at an address I can't remember off the top of my head.
  14. Also as a side note, if you live in the US, you can probably still get the magnet and shit delivered even if you aren't comfortable giving out your address (well your exact address.) As explained in the link below, via the USPS the items can be shipped "General Delivery" to the main post office near you, and then you'll go into the post office to pick up the package. You'll still have to give your town, but not your full address. http://peopleof.oureverydaylife.com/mail-general-delivery-5546.html If you don't live in the US, sorry that won't work (though it's possible your country has a similar option you could look into.)
  15. I should note, there's a fourth, unofficial award level, which is if you donate more than $100 you have out donated me (well to this particular project at least ) and you get bragging rights and the ability to shove that in my face forever. ...............or until I can't handle the shame and I donate again so I don't have to endure said humiliation. But on a serious note guys, over the years Mikey has sunk (at this point quite large) amounts of money into hosting and designing our various forums, with only occasional help on the monetary front from myself and Cody. (And that's not counting the staggering number of man hours he's put into helping build those forums). Obviously there's no pressure, and if you're not in a place where you can donate, that's completely understandable. But if you are in a place where you can pitch in (even if it's just $5) it'd really mean a lot and be a help to Mikey that he definitely has earned. You'll certainly have my gratitude for anything you can give.
  16. I'll permanently delete everything on all our severs before I allow this masturbatory insanity to succeed. Of course there's a 15% chance that happens accidentally on any given Tuesday.
  17. Libtardages

    Checkin In

    Just dropping in to say hey Aisha. Hows life? Sorry I wasn't around for you to kick my nation around too
  18. lololololololololol lololololololololololol God I love you guys. I'm gonna assume you let him in for the laughs, cause otherwise I'd be calling medical personnel to check y'all for a collective aneurysm. <3 each and every one of you goofy bitches.
  19. The answer to this question is always, without fail, Mikey (and/or Tenages)
  20. We've never left. We hide in the background cackling amongst ourselves. Rather like the witches from Macbeth now that I think about it. On a more serious note. o/ Lurunin. Imma miss you bud. Don't be a stranger.
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