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  1. To be honest, I have been burned out on PW for a while now. Been planning to get out of the game for some time, but haven't yet done so. I'm not planning to follow into other games yet, so will probably perma-VM if SK is retired. It's been fun while it lasted, though.
  2. Who doesn't want random ice cream? Except caramel, of course. I would rather take chocolate over it, and chocolate's already too sweet.
  3. Hey guys, I'll be on (mandatory) SPOP on the 18th and 19th, so I might not be able to log in during that time.
  4. 2000 gas and $5mil
  5. 2000 Gas, 2000 Steel, and 2000 Aluminum
  6. Upper Canada: https://politicsandwar.com/nation/id=35853 Attacked me literately a few minutes after the daily refresh timer. He had ground superiority but lacks in air force and, as of this posting, the navy (though only by a hair). EDIT: He peaced out with me. Several other members are still under Arrgh attack however.
  7. I might have submitted, but as I got notified, I checked in again. Bringing back monthly check-in (or any periodic time) might help activity a little, even if it is essentially "I'm still not dead." I said this when I submitted the form maybe the second time, but I'm commenting here again.
  8. There used to be a time when check-ins happen on (almost) a monthly occurrence. Now it feels like it happens when the Small Council wants it to happen. Or maybe it did happen monthly and I forgot :/
  9. I am practically flattened with little income, could I get at least 1 million?
  10. Who is a thrall of Darth Insidious
  11. Stellaris Total War Warhammer (TWW/TWH - Total Warhammer) Space Engineers
  12. Hegemony = eventual complacency. Let's wait for when that happens.
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