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  1. Let’s all Heavens Gate ourselves by posting increasingly cryptic messages on the PW forums and then mass deleting
  2. Remembers SK post PT 1.0, 2.0, and OGame...
  3. Who wants to whack off to a pot when you can see every nook and cranny in 4k today
  4. Who would willing time travel to a time before porn
  5. I survived the rawr XDs of the early internet, gives me PTSD to the day
  6. All of this is covered in the historical documentary, the Santa Clause
  7. Yes, the biggest problem with Santa’s magical flying squadron of deer is that their horns fall off. Christmas ruined
  8. I remember refusing to move from IRC to Discord for the SK server because I thought discord was fad that wouldn’t last
  9. How are we going to harvest space oil without building space shuttles with mini guns attached?
  10. Grumbles about lack of Gregorian chants
  11. this is a forum for a browser based nation simulator, any pretense of normalcy died long ago
  12. where is my mind numbing distraction from the dumpster fire that is my real life
  13. Donald Trump will no longer be president of the United States of America so I would like to think it will be marginally better
  14. PlayStation has better exclusives Microsoft exclusives are on PC... and I already have a pc... so
  15. I don’t really think you’ve spent enough time around Bible thumping fundies, where a good social standing inside the church is more important than your family ties. It’s not to say I’m expendable in their eyes, but if they had to chose between the church and me I’d be disowned immediately.
  16. What if we practically never argue because I functionally live a double life that is slowly killing me.
  17. The time to act on COVID-19 was 11 months ago. Joe Biden and an entire seal team six of genetically altered super scientists couldn’t reverse our course on this even if they wanted to. Trump buried his head in the sand, deferring to the governors, creating 50 different responses to COVID and then had the gall to tweet shit like ‘LIBERATE MICHIGAN’ when someone stood up to his lackadaisical sacrifice yourself for Wall Street attitude. No response would have been better than the anti intellectual bullshit response he peddled. EC is also broken and should either be amended to better represent the populace or be eliminated.
  18. If Donald Trump wins I will shit in a sombrero and eat it like an ice cream sundae
  19. I don’t have enough sharp sticks and spray paint saved up to survive the post election mad max thunder dome that would ensue
  20. I’m not really sure this country would survive the election being decided by the Supreme Court, so hopefully there is a clear victor either way
  21. I put the exact same effort into replying to a poll as was used in creating the poll. Zero
  22. If my broke ass has to pay tons in taxes, rich people shouldn’t be able to skate by paying $750 or $0. We’re all in this circle jerk of suffering together.
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