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  1. Almost every aspect of the American Justice system is disgusting, the death penalty is just the tip of the iceberg. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/George_Stinney
  2. If an evolutionary predecessor to the chicken laid an egg producing a mutated offspring (i.e. the first chicken), then the first chicken isn’t born from a chicken egg. It’s born from an evolutionary predecessor egg. The first chicken will produce the first chicken egg. thanks for coming to my ted talk.
  3. Theoretically Trump could lose in 2020 and continue to run in 2024 and beyond. We won’t be done with him for quite some time.
  4. Gandalf

    Poll #44 - Cereal

    I put some Cocoa Puffs into a glass of milk once so I guess that makes me the Anti-Christ
  5. What part of Ohio? 513 REPRESENT
  6. Maybe if I lived in some European wonderland where world leaders had a modicum of respect for science. Here in the Wild West, no.
  7. I didn’t play NS but I was a loyal member of the Holy Flood Empire in CyberNations and then ODN for a hot minute. It really is the OG, so much of even PW’s politics are a result of things that have been in motion for over a decade.
  8. ‘Age is just a number eh’
  9. Facebook is how I learned my entire family is full of inbred racists so... not Facebook.
  10. damnit Mikey I knew you had multis
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