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  1. While also condemning poor people / immigrants / “welfare queens” for mooching off the system without paying back into it.
  2. Rich sleazebags like Trump wear “zero taxes” like a badge of honor. Like they won a gold medal of accounting loophole gymnastics. it’s a feature not a bug. I’m sure his supporters will gobble up any kind of cockamamie excuse that he shits out.
  3. Both of these companies make wildly different things... it’s like comparing Ford to Burger King
  4. Democracy with a robust social welfare programs. None of this electoral college, tyranny of the minority, pay to win bullshit.
  5. Shrek 2 is the greatest animated movie of all time change my mind
  6. is it even an election if there isn’t a wildly incompetent ‘burn it down’ candidate? Gandalf stans rise up
  7. Event: who can donate the most to my student loans
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