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  1. Your political analysis is about as sharp as a marble, Xaria
  2. Look, I’m just trying to give Lyro hope.. okay!?
  3. I disagree. Money can you make you not ugly through any number of surgeries and procedures.
  4. Cody K

    Poll #149 - Sports

    Can I just throw anything in front of the word sport and make it a sport? I’m not a fatty, I’m just eat sporting! This is the body of a true athlete.
  5. Sure, you can stay for awhile and I’ll teach you critical thinking and a bunch of fun life skills. warning: may cause depression
  6. Cody K

    [POLL #185] Jobs

    Written by a toddler? An elementary school student has a better understanding of the workforce and common careers than you do. You can laugh it off and pretend it doesn’t bother you, but I know that deep down you are frustrated that you can’t seem to scrape together a halfway decent poll. That the only polls with a decent response have been those written by someone else. That no matter how hard you try you just can’t seem to succeed. Such a simple task that you fail over and over and over...
  7. Cody K

    [POLL #185] Jobs

    The fuck is this.
  8. According to her she already does. You granted me nothing! Granted. Every cup you have tastes worse than the one before. Clean air.
  9. I’d still shoot the fuck out of him. It’s a worthwhile investment imo.
  10. This will sound /r/iamverybadass but I keep a gun nearby for a reason. So call the police and jump into personal defense mode. I also have a custom command that will set every smart speaker in my home to 100% volume before playing Welcome to the Jungle. But that’s more of a joke to show guests and I wouldn’t think to do that in a real life situation. Though I’m sure it would be hilarious if I did.
  11. Because it is. He either gets a poll from someone else, or he does it on his own and we get this shit. Xaria isn’t deserving to run tbf polls. Find someone else to do it.
  12. No. I also don’t believe in angels or fairies.
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