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    Poll #280 - Feelings about life

    Large anime tiddies always make me feel better
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    I have many thoughts, and like I just said on discord: Say what you want about SK but it's the oldest for a reason. Nothing changes that. I don't see why SK's future should be called into doubt, and doing so on a publicly viewable section of the forum is questionable at best, Anun. SK lives today, it'll live tomorrow.
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    Oh, yes. I just spent way too much time trying to figure out my login. And trying to figure out what this emoji is.
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    Where is donate it all to PnW for credits?
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    Buy an aircraft carrier. Private boat parties
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    Poll #270 - Door locks

    You are inside when you lock it simple
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    Oh you poor thing. I never relized how much you have to do
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    Poll #278 - World War 1

    Would be neat to give the UK a helping hand. Would make for a different modern world.
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    It's a trillion dollars everything is legal if you have 1 trillion dollars.
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    Yea I know that but that's way less practical than say Ganymede or Titan
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    Some people actually have suggested to colonize Venus. And their idea is to use floating settlements, as the atmosphere of Venus around 50 km (31 miles) above the surface is actually comparable to Earth's atmosphere and the issues of the surface aren't as severe as it is on the surface. https://ntrs.nasa.gov/api/citations/20030022668/downloads/20030022668.pdf
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    Why did you put Venus, a planet where metal melts in minutes and it rains sulfuric acid, but not any of the hundreds of terrestrial moons?
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    Poll #274 - Time Travel

    I do not know why you would want to watch the 48th Tony awards there? You do know OJ's wife will be murdered there that night, may ruin the show for you.
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    Poll #274 - Time Travel

    Gurl do I have to explain to you how doing an internet search works Or you could just actually get some real life p***y. Think about how great you'd smell compared to all the other guys at pretty much any point prior to the 19th century
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    Yeah I can see that. I've always wondered what he was playing to get her bend like that.
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    That's a good idea... I like how you guys think.
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    Poll #41 - NationStates

    I have had some nations there at different times. I would not call it playing.
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    Poll #41 - NationStates

    I played it for 2 years, it gets really boring unless you are literally immersed in the community. I had to get a skype account just to participate in the RPs of my alliance man! thats stupid. All you do is just make decisions over stupid arguments and make laws which are extremely sensitive to the outcome of your nations standing in the global community. But atleast you get to vote on global resolutions which actually solve problems... thats pretty neat. have fun
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    Poll #41 - NationStates

    I did and if you don't find a region to roleplay it becomes boring imo, that's why I stopped playing a few months ago.
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    Poll #41 - NationStates

    I tried to sign up for CN once but the website was so aids I couldn't figure it out.
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    Poll #41 - NationStates

    I signed up today. Made a nation there a couple years ago too. Not really sure how to play it, though
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