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    Alliance Status Update

    Good afternoon my loyal plebs, It's been a little over five months since the official end of NPO's Last Time, the longest war that not only this alliance has participated in but the longest war the game as a whole faced together. Like many communities SK struggled through this war and barely made it out on the other side, however like many times before our alliance was reborn from the ashes of carnage brought upon us. If I am being entirely honest, I wasn't sure our alliance was going to be able to make it through to 2021 however these last 5 months have been an amazing time for growth and in my 3 or so years in SK this is the best I have seen our community in a very long time. Enough of the mushy bs (for now) and let's look objectively at where the alliance is and where we want to go. Internal Affairs The IA department has by far been our biggest success in the last couple of months, come the end of the war we were hovering at about 20 very inactive nations with no real direction to head in. Sometime during the war Bradley had reached out to me about wanting to find an alliance to more actively work in, and after I suggested just about every alliance other than SK he had told me he wanted to come back to SK heh. Allowing Bradley to come on as our head of Recruitment and Development was probably the only good decision made during that war, upon being brought into the gov lineup he made a comprehensive and successful recruitment plan and followed up with a strong mentor-ship program that a good handful of our remaining members decided to participate in. In five months time we went from barely being able to keep up in the top 50 to now competing to be back in the top 10 of alliances. Bradley has put together some charts for me to use in this post to visualize what growth in SK has been. Membership numbers of the last 3 months Membership numbers over the last year In my time here at SK we have always seen our membership as "quality over quantity", but looking back at it that was just an excuse for us to be lazy. Bradley has managed to bring both quality and quantity to this alliance in ways I couldn't imagine. SK over these last few months has gone from inactive and floundering with 20 members, to bustling with a new energy and a stronger community 69 members strong (heh). This growth and strength comes from many factors, from the recruitment and development of new members to the more tedious tasks of nation audits the IA team has really kicked this alliance in the ass and gotten it back into shape. There is not much else to say about IA other than to congratulate Bradley and his team on the amazing work they have accomplished. Military Command As many of you know there is not much to speak about when it comes to Military Command during times of peace, however I want to take this time to recognize the work that McMaster and his team have still put in during these last 5 months and even working outside of his role to help the growth of SK. To start with the military related tasks McMaster has done a great job coordinating with our allies organizing raid counters both for SK, and for our protectorate, especially during a time when we didn't have the means to protect ourselves very well and had to rely heavily on our ally TKR for help. Organizing these counters may be simple on a surface level but god damn do I find it tedious as all hell, and I am sure many other people would too. Huge props to McMaster for properly handling even the smallest of raids regardless of it being against our nations, or those we protect on behalf of Rohirrim. McMaster was thrown into the position of Military Commander during a losing war and despite that has done great in proving his abilities since day 1. I also want to shout out the work he has done to help the IA team, the previously mentioned nation audits are a joint effort between MA and IA that takes place over the span of a couple of days in order to make sure everyone is in good shape. McMaster has done a great job of making sure everyone is on top of their War Chest requirements and that they are meeting Minimum Military Requirements. Despite our alliance having gone through the most pitiful war in this games history, I am confident in knowing that we now have a competent Military Commander behind us who will do everything he can to make us successful in whatever conflict is to come next. Thank you McMaster and the MilCom team for all the work you have put in these last couple of months both in Military Command and in mentoring new recruits during this time of peace. Economic Affairs Unfortunately with the end of the war we saw our last Master of Coin, Stillhard, leave to go pursue other ventures in the game. For much of the last couple of months we didn't have any Econ really to make sure the alliance has continued growth. Because of that there isn't much to say on the front of Econ. With that being said Bradley has once again stepped up to the plate and has started to reopen some of our Econ programs, with recruitment slowing down and his Deputy Cakey feeling confident in being able to take over much of the day to day required for running IA Bradley was able to start working on getting our Econ up and running again. When it comes to the Econ department we are of course looking for those who are willing to help, and big thanks to others who have stepped up and expressed their interest in working the econ department. Bradley has already got a couple of people ready to step up and I am hopeful for the future of our Econ Department. However we do have some city growth numbers to take a look at, despite not having much of an active econ these last couple of months we did still have some decent city growth which you can see depicted below, The city growth is both a result of the new recruits we have brought on board and our older members coming back and continuing their growth. For those of you who are curious about what programs we have opened back up, SK is currently accepting requests for both Resource Selling and Purchasing, and we are also offering low interest loans to SK members. You can find Bradleys post on said programs here: Foreign Affairs Everyones favorite department right? The one that writes the checks that SK can't cash ;). As it currently stands I am the head of FA for SK, currently our only two allies are The Knights Radiant whom we have a non chaining Mutual Defense Optional Aggression Pact (nMDoAP) with and our new protectorate The Rohirrim. As it stands currently I have not been seeking to expand our paper ties because I feel comfortable with our current position with allies and the sphere that we currently reside in. We're bringing it back to the days of old and have been participating in a greater sphere of alliances that include The Syndicate, House Stark, The Knights Radiant and ourselves, there are of course more alliances than just us four but those are the ones I felt are worth mentioning. I am of course always open to feed back on what you guys think our FA direction should be and if you all in particular have certain ties you would like to see then I am more than willing to give it a shot should there be a consensus among members and government. I know this was a long post, but there really is a lot for us to celebrate in these last couple of months. I am once again proud to say I am the leader of Seven Kingdoms and I want to give a huge thanks to those who make this community what it is, without all of you this game wouldn't be worth playing. Huge shout out to the Small Council for stepping up and bringing this alliance back to a place of success. And I personally want to give thanks to Bradley, McMaster and Cakey for taking our community off of life support and making it one I am proud to be apart of, I joined SK when I was 15 and this community was a big part of my life during my teen years, and I want it to continue to be that way for foreseeable future, from the bottom of my heart you are all some of the best people I have ever known and I look forward to many more years of friendship. As always, thank you for your time. King of Seven Kingdoms House Blackfyre Squeegee the Bastard
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    Hello members of Seven Kingdoms, I Squeegee have come here today to share with you some of Valyria's greatest moments. Although none of you care, us Valyrians will appreciate this and I hope you will get a laugh out of this as well. You will see conversations from our gov and regular members as well as our random bullshittery. This post will only scratch the surface of how memetastic our alliance was ;). Without further ado here is the obituary of Valyria. Literally none of this is going to make sense so good luck deciphering it ;). http://imgur.com/a/6k7Xy I found out I cant post more than 500 megbitches worth of images so here's an imgur link.
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    So if I kill everyone above me on that list, I'll get money sooner? Consider it done.
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    I said it in their announcement thread, seems to me if they want to spy my nukes away I'll use them over their cities instead. That will lower my nuke count like they want so they can't complain now can they?
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    The war ought to be called Gandalf's Folly. It started because he maxed his military in an attempt to hop into the SK top ten, and the rest of us followed suit to squash him. A global military build up and a shit-slinging contest resulted, culminating in this ever so fun war.
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    Deciding the Future of Seven Kingdoms

    Good morning everyone, This is going to be a tough topic to address, but those of you that are still active in some capacity I am sure have noticed the alliance has been struggling since the last war. Due to a few reasons mostly in regards to our performance last war a good portion of our gov bench has left and moved on to other things. This has left us with very little to work with which in all reality is at my fault. So to be entirely transparent and honest Myself and the remaining gov bench are incredibly burned out on this game, myself and the others have spent a large portion of our time the last 4 years playing this game and doing our best to lead the alliance. We have been speaking internally about what next steps there are to be taken and we didn't feel it was right to come to any conclusions before first broaching the subject with those of you who have remained with us through many hardships. As we see it there are two options to take this in, we can essentially "retire" the alliance and keep this place as an homage and continue our inactive play style or if there is enough interest to form a new government bench with what's left of the active roster the current gov can look into what it would take to get those interested properly trained by our allies. Should we retire the alliance it would likely result in closing off recruitment and us recommending that anyone who wants to play a more active role head elsewhere. Should we manage to get a large enough bench to make another attempt at bringing back the alliance there will be more details that I need to hammer out. At the end of the day the decision is in your guys hands and whatever it is that we as a community decide upon I just want it to be known that SK has facilitated some of the best memories I have, I will always be here to do my best to support this community through whatever it is that happens next even if I no longer plan to be taking an active role in the game itself.
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    Meme Kingdom

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    Nizam Adrienne


    Hello SK Forums, I have missed you.
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    Men read only

    What's it say? It's just blank for me.
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    Here are my personal thoughts about various matters: Thoughts on the “War” We were not prepared for this. No way around that. In part there was little to be prepared for. Pre has admitted he put 0 planning into this - just logged on Sunday, decided he wanted a war with Valyria, and hit them. Usually wars are presaged by military build ups, rising tensions, etc. We didn't have the luxury of these things to draw upon, and we suffered for it. Truthfully this is somewhat unique in Orbis history and may well remain so, but it exposes an important need to always keep decent war readiness, even in periods that by all reckonings should be absolutely peaceful. Normally we expect to have at least a few days in the lead up to a war to prepare, this time we had none. We are looking to increase our rapid response time under the assumption moving forward that we may have no more than 1-2 days notice, as happened now in this and the previous conflict. Thoughts on Grealinds Departure The departure of a long term member is always a sad affair, and given the motivations that led to this one, and the subsequent reactions to it, I feel the need to touch upon it. I also believe this exposes some communication issues in this alliance. Issues we touched upon in our previous discussion thread but which this makes all the more important to solve. Grealind had his own personal issues with the government. I don’t know how things started, but they devolved into a rather passive aggressive route of going around to gov members airing opinions of personal and professional failings of their colleagues and suggesting possible removal, going around to each one about the other and rarely bringing issues directly with those in question. This in turn bred ill feeling among the government and led to poor reactions to him, which no doubt created a feedback loop of negativity. In addition to his time in SK since the disbandment of Cobolt he was once, briefly, apart of SK way back in the early days of Project Terra, and I had opportunity to work with him prior to that as well. I do not believe he is a bad dude. I do not believe we are bad dudes. It was before my time and I do not know when these issues started, probably nobody does, himself included. My belief is that perhaps initially minor issues of miscommunication led him down a path where he felt his actions were the only way to properly reach the government. I am personally saddened to see him go, and I wish him the best of luck in LoC. He will be missed. Thoughts on the Alliance My own personal thoughts, moving forward, is not to have a radical shift in FA. I think we stick with the allies we have and otherwise try and, as much as possible, simply stay out of things. I would prefer to sit in our own corner of the world and just build and improve ourselves internally so our external reality once more matches the image we have always had of ourselves. To that end I believe that we should focus heavilly on city growth over infra and try and improve that at a breakneck, since cities cannot be taken away from you and are the true measure of an upper tier. Internally I want more transparency. We have already discussed making a biweekly or weekly newsletter to recap events in the gov and outside so that everybody knows what is going on. We will need to find somebody new to run that. I also intend to have threads like this after all major events so we get more input on everything. Other than that, there are various ideas like bringing back the elected Royal Advisor position to create more opportunity for upward mobility for everyone and to ensure there is someone there specifically to ensure we are held accountable and transparent to everyone in the alliance.
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    Only if we rename the King's position to Harambe
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    War memes

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    A Game Of Thrones -- Mafia Game #1

    Clover was always a bit of a drunk, and a notorious liar. After getting shot down by every whore in the local whorehouse, Clover went to drown his sorrows with ale. After drinking well over his limit, the barkeep kicked his sorry ass out on the street. Stumbling home, Clover came across quite a strange little man. In front of him on the street stood a grown man that was no taller than a child. "IS THAT *hic* you, Tyrone Lansterrrr *hic*" Clover slurred. The small man then turned around for Clover to see. He skin was bright orange, his hair neon green, and he was wearing strange little tights. And then, he began to sing: Oompa loompa doom-pa-de-do I have the perfect puzzle for you Oompa, loompa, doom-pa-dee-dee If you are wise you'll listen to me What happens when you're a compulsive liar? None will be there when it's down to the wire. Being another is a lie and a shame You know exactly who is to blame The strange dancing man then pulled a crossbow out of his pants and shot Clover in the face. Clover, a Lannister Bannerman, is dead.
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    Following the deaths of so many Starks, and Stark bannerman, Cersei Lannister had sent a raven to Winterfell inviting the remaining Starks to King's Landing in order to discuss their surrender terms. Catelyn Stark was absolutely outraged by this, so she decided to sneak out with Hodor to deal with things herself. Not wanting to leave spooked horses in the stables, she decided to take all four of them with her. Not wanting to waste one of the horses, Hodor and Lady Cat decided to ride them like many circus performers do: They road like this all the way to King's Landing, straight up to the stairs of the Red Keep, where Cersei was waiting for them. Cat headed inside the keep to take care of business, but Hodor was easily distracted by the hustle and bustle of the city. "HODOR?!" Cat yelled to get his attention, as she nodded in the direction of the Keep. "Hodor" Hodor hodor'd. Ashamed that he had been distracted. Both of them rushed to the Throne Room to find Cersei Lannister. Cersei stood up from the throne when she saw the familiar face of Cat Stark, but she was visibly confused as to who the other man was. Not wanting to be impolite before Cat murdered the the fuck out of Cersei, she introduced them. "Hodor" she said as she nodded in the direction of Hodor. "Hodor!" Hodor hodor'd, excited to meet another woman. "Hodor...?" Cersei said curiously, trying to remember if she had meet this beast before. Before Cersei could ask Cat why she had come alone, Cat lunged at her with an arrow that she had hidden inside of her cloak. She would have killed Cersei then and there, but unfortunately she stumbled. The arrow plunged deep into Cersei's knee and she collapsed to the ground. Knowing that the Royal Guard would be back at any moment, Cat knew she had to get Cersei out of the Red Keep and back to her horses. She grabbed Cersei by the leg and tried to drag her out of the castle but it was no use, Cat wasn't strong enough. "HODOR!" she screamed as she motioned for him to grab Cersei and carry her to the horses. As Hodor carried the unconscious queen to the horses, Cat snooped around the keep to find some more supplies that would help her murder the shit out of Cersei. Time was short, so all she could find was a flask of acid, a bucket of ice, some rope, and a torch. After a brief brainstorming session, Cat knew what she had to do. She tied each of Cersei's limbs to a different horse. Before she could do anything else, Cersei regained consciousness and was a little uncooperative. Not wasting any time, Cat picked up the bucket of ice and beat Cersei's head in with it until she was unconscious again. Cat then took a couple steps back, lit the bottle of acid on fire, and threw it on Cersei. The flames startled the horses, and they all ran off in different directions, dismembering Cersei. Cersei Lannister (Cody K -- Role Blocker) is dead. Inspiration:
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    A Game Of Thrones -- Mafia Game #1

    After brutally murdering Melisandre, Littlefinger knew getting out of Castle Black would be nigh impossible. He instructed his loyal oaf to stand in front of him in the elevator on the ride down, lest an Archer shoot him. Half way down the wall, Littlefinger could see an increasing number of black cloaks gathering around the elevator. By the time he reached the bottom of the wall, all of Castle Black was standing in front of the elevator with their weapons drawn. "Littlefinger, is it?" Lord Commander Tollett asked as he emerged from the middle of the black mass. "You murdered my men, so I sentence you to die", Tollett continued. "Archers! Draw!" Tollett commanded. "Archers! Loose!" Littlefinger (Lyro -- Serial Killer) was dead before he hit the ground.
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    Bank view

    If you make this change, then you need to stop doing bank boosts. They only reason I'm on board with 100% tax for several days is that I can watch the bank grow and see how it's split between members. If I'm going to have my money taken from me and I can't see how it's distributed, then I'll need to find a new alliance home. This suggestion is stupid.
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    fuck olly Little cunt got what he had coming.
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    Mafia Game #2

    Valdoroth, a kindergarten teacher, has been asked by several students' parents, as well as his boss, has been asked to teach his students about the town's current events. "Mr. Valdoroth, what's a mafia?", one curious little girl asks. "That's an excellent question, Sarah. Has anyone else in the class heard about the mafia? Maybe you've heard your parents talking about it, or heard about it on the TV?", Valdoroth asks while half the class sheepishly raises their hand. "Well, basically, the mafia are a group of people who try to control other people. They usually force people to do things they don't want to do, and threaten to punish them if they don't do it. The mafia are very bad people, boys and girls, and when the cops find them they take them away forever." Filled with this new-found information, the children head to lunch to gossip about who they know who might be in the mafia. Most of the accusations are jokes, until one little boy gives a very convincing argument: "Guys, listen to me. I bet Mr. Valdoroth is in a mafia. Just listen, remember when he said that the mafia makes people do things they don't want to do? That's what he does to us! We hate doing homework and reading, but he makes us do it anyways! And when we -Mackenzie, shut your stupid face, I'm talking!- don't listen, he sends us to the principals office. He does the exact same thing as the mafias do!" The other children nodded in agreement with what their classmate was saying. For the remaining portion of lunch, the children devise a plan to subdue their teacher before he hurts anyone. Back in the classroom, the children spring into action. Two students sprint towards Mr. Valdoroth and begin tying his shoelaces together. Swatting the children away, Valdoroth starts to lose his balance. Two other children give Valdoroth a push, and he comes crashing down on a pair of scissors that were left out from arts and crafts time. Blood pours out of Valdoroth as the children all scream in terror. Valdoroth was in the mafia. One mafia member remains.
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    what kind of gen z Twitter shit is this
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    Introducing the Great Reformation

    After a long hiatus, the forums are back and bustling. Recruiting is up. The game is finally out from under the thumb of the inquisition after years of struggle. It's the perfect time to do some internal overhauls! A second reformation is on the horizon, the likes of which has not been attempted in nearly 8 years. All aspects of the alliance are up for revision, and we want your input! This can be everything from departmental structure, ideas for new activities, new graphics and medals, or different titles / GoT roleplay in the alliance. I am throwing up a few threads about changes I want to propose, or have had proposed to me in DMs thus far. Feel free to not only add your feedback to these, but to make new threads with any ideas or proposals you want incorporated into the Seven Kingdoms! The overall goal is to making membership in SK more interesting and more immersive. Aside from changing the theme or meritocratic nature of the alliance, everything else in on the table and up for discussion. Go nuts! Current Suggestions/Reformation topics Suggest New Awards Changes to Membership Structure Flag Redesign Medals Redesign Forum + General Graphics Suggestions
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    Meme Kingdom

    Couldn't resist a meme for this.....
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    Seeking new member

    I see how it is! As soon as Braavos tries to form and find members, suddenly the big two need members of their own. This is corruption I tell you! Big Econ wants to keep the little guy down, well I say Braavos will fight for small business everywhere and never surrender to the elites!
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    big thanks

    Guys I wanna say ty for helping me and most on Brooklyn666. We have great programs and tips for grow. I'm happy join in SK and I hope soon can help on SK with my economy too. Game is good.
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    Let's maintain a list of known and suspected members. We'll keep embargoes on them, publicly shame them, and put pressure on their alliance leaders to disavow them. We could even plant a spy in their organization to gather information about members. When we rebuild, we ought to get CIA and NRF into the nations of every SK member.
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    yes hi hello, I'd like to report some pesky tS raiders
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    Ferdinand Fuhrn

    How this war started

    Recorded at a nearby SK recruiting center:
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    do you know anything about your fellow alliance-mates
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    A Game Of Thrones -- Mafia Game #1

    Outraged by what Catelyn Stark had done to his daughter, Tywin Lannister headed to Winterfell to exact his revenge. "Lady Stark, you have done a terrible thing. I challenge you to a duel. Maybe the Gods bless the winner with a swift victory." Tywin demanded. "What kind of duel are you looking for?" Catelyn asked. "I am just a woman, and you are one of the most powerful men in Westeros. A trial by combat would be most unfair." she stated. "Agreed. That is why we are not having a trial by combat. Catelyn Stark, I challenge you to a Dance Off. You have one day to prepare your routine", Tywin explained. One day later everyone met in the great hall for the showdown of the century. Being a gentlemen, Tywin let Catelyn go first. Predictably she slowdanced with Ned; while it was graceful, it lacked a certain wow factor. Up next was Tywin. All eyes focused on him as he dropped his cloak and began his routine. It went a little bit like this: Tywin Lannister slayed Catelyn Stark. After witnessing Tywin's fresh moves, the Gods struck down Catelyn immediately. Catelyn Stark (Ren), is dead.
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    A Game Of Thrones -- Mafia Game #1

    Local Dead Talk Recently there have been a few reports of dead men doing just what we thought they do not do: telling tales. Recently deceased in a multitude of ways, some of them shamefully our lynchings, there are some reports of hearing from the dead. As a result there has been a widespread crackdown on banning and removing all wizardry, witchcraft, or other practices that make an attempt to talk to the dead. These people have been very often brutally beaten and publicly shamed for their acts on sometimes something as simple as a doll of a lost loved one. Here is a striking image of a cult attempting to revive recently deceased Lysa at her memorial. As a result there have been more people patrolling the death areas of people to check and stop the dead people from telling. It is highly recommended that you stay away from all necro related things. Here's a simple guide compiled by an anonymous donor on the topic: How To Not Get F***ed by crazy dead people: 1. Do not buy Ouiji builds 2. Don't Necro old threads 3. Don't fap to deceased people 4. Don't play the Necromancer/summoner in and RPGs for the time being 5. Don't have dolls of real people, really, grow up a little 6. If you're a stick get fatter because some of you meth addicts look like skeletons and pretty soon you'll just be assumed to be a skeleton incarnate and get killed from necro-hating enthusiast 7. If you see/hear anything from a dead man, ignore it, inform an official, and spit on their grave a little to piss em off and shame them Don't be stupid you stupid idiots, to be honest we're all gonna die probably anyways. fkin wnter n sht -Anonymous Pessimist Where as the guide may be a bit blunt, it's the best we've got for now. Once again this is Katsu, don't get into Necrophilia, and keep your blood where it belongs.
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    Hmmm... I may have an unfortunate name here in the North.
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    Farewell, my friends

    SK survived Cody K being king, so we could probably survive anything.
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    A Game Of Thrones -- Mafia Signup

    Officially the biggest game we've played. 20+ would be awesome. HYPE.
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    Me IRL

    After this and the cock and taters vid, I'd like to see what your suggested videos box looks like.
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    Farewell, my friends

    I said he wouldn't last two weeks, and he didn't last two weeks.
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    Britain leaves the EU!

    This is shaping up to be one crazy as hell year.
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    Game of Thrones

    I found this at a 7/11. I didn't buy it because I dislike wheat beer, but I thought of you nerds.
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    Aisha Greyjoy

    Announcing my resignation.

    Gonna stick something in your apeture.....
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    Happy birthday SK!

    5 years ago a couple of idiots formed a silly Alliance in a game that immediately went offline. Somehow it has managed to survive and actually become a successful community despite Tenages and I accidental deleting the forums every 2 months. Here's to five more years of having no idea what we're doing!
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    HC check in

    This is for the base against which the HC growth will be represented, right? Cool, I filled it in. SoS can verify that I did indeed have just 1 city and 20 infra before the competition started (Tyrosh represent).
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    We Have Been Attacked

    Can we strip Clarke of his Order of the Star award publicly?
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    We Have Been Attacked

    I got a nosebleed this morning, roughly the same time the war began. Thing is, I never ever get nosebleeds. I assume this is an indication that I'm bound by blood to this alliance.
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    GPA target list

    Two ground attacks away from being defeated by Godfrey, and I finally broke his ground superiority with a win of my own. Thanks for the aid guys! Side note to try and save a bit of my pride, despite my troops' losses I still have done three times the infra damage against him! Whoot!
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