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Membership Application

You must have registered on our forums, and validated your account before you can complete this form. If you are not receiving a validation email, ping an admin on Discord and we can manually verify you.

This form is for those who wish to join SK as a member. Diplomats have their own application. If you are just here to hang out, you don't need to fill out anything.

All Nations Applying to SK must ensure that they have done the following, or your application will not be accepted.

  • Apply to join the join Seven Kingdoms in-game.
  • Your SK forum name, and in-game name (either nation or ruler)  must be the same. This is a requirement, to enhance ease of organization. If your name is different, let us know after submitting this form, and an admin will change it for you.
  • Speak with a gov member or your mentor. Applicants must have spoken with us on Discord before your app will be accepted.

  • You don't need to fill in anything here.

  • Your In-Game Ruler Name ***Note: Your forum name MUST be the same as your in-game ruler name. If they do not match, your application will NOT be accepted.

  • Link to your in-game nation page

  • Why did you choose the Seven Kingdoms? There are no wrong answers; it's perfectly fine if we were simply the first alliance to message you. Knowing why you joined - for whatever reason - helps us to refine our recruitment efforts.

  • Have you been a member in any other PW Alliances?

  • Which alliances were you in, and why did you leave? If this is your first alliance, leave this section blank.

  • If yes, state how much and to whom it is owed, and why you owe it.

  • Type tags separated by commas.
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