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  3. who would prefer vegetables over fruit?
  4. btw, i never had an apple pie, just the apple crumble and it was gud
  5. eh. why dont people choose Peach-Mango Pie instead. or even maybe CREAMY TUNA PIE MMM YES! CLEARLY THE BEST PIES IN THE UNIVERSE!
  6. Huh. Fair point, At the same time, for some reason I think that JFK was better at running his country than Lincon, Im too tired to remeber why tho
  7. Ah fair point.... BUT!! idrk, I like keeping my window open 24/7. I dont remeber the last time I closed it, I like the rain and other outside sounds also the fresh air.
  8. I love apples, but when you mix them with other things.. I hate it.
  9. Last week
  10. Not like i go outside here. so really not love lost.
  11. Who tf would want to move to mars or the moon, barren wastelands.
  12. I would move the Earth just far enough away from the sun so that every year would be a leap year. Computer systems would be completely unprepared for this and it would bring about the downfall of man.
  13. I don’t think it matters who the president is.
  14. You know what the Yang Gang got rollin'???? we got maths, and divisions, and multiplicatuiosns and also a standard way to make fucking steamed rice!!!!@@!!
  15. All i know about Kamela Harris is that she is apparently a woman... i have no idea whats going on in the US, but all i know is ya'll never pickmed the motherfucking asian one!! you never picked Andrew Yang! you fools! America needs a new math tutor, u pastey stupid confederated fucks!
  16. Tokyo was not on the list. The list was Yokohama, Niigata, Kokura, Hiroshima, and Kyoto. Kyoto was replaced with Nagasaki because Secretary of War Henry Stimson intervened.
  17. Am I taking crazy pills? I explained liked 5 times now that even top U.S. generals. (and Truman himself!) knew that using the bomb was unnecessary and of no use to ending the war BECAUSE THEY SAID SO IN THEIR OWN FUCKING WORDS! This is not a secret! It's easily accessible public information! You can read their quotes!!! None of the rest of what you said is relevant! It doesn't matter because there was never going to be an invasion because Japan was always going to surrender no matter what! Something being a consensus doesn't mean shit if it's directly contradicted by first-hand accounts from the actual event and time in question!
  18. Honestly despite his questionable actions I don't think the Republicican voters have been turned off at all for voting Trump. And I certainly don't think Biden and co are doing themselves any favours being as vocally anti 2nd amendment as they are. You guys still puts guns ahead of everything right?
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