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  3. What official polls have you made? And you could probably become poll master if I leave
  4. Last week
  5. You are inside when you lock it simple
  6. Fun Fact: Although there have only been 4 poll masters, some polls were made by people who were never poll master.
  7. Large anime tiddies always make me feel better
  8. I'm not sure if I want to be poll master or even in SK anymore. This might be my last poll. However, I haven't decided yet.
  9. Remembers SK post PT 1.0, 2.0, and OGame...
  10. I've been in this alliance for almost 7 years (others have been here even longer than me), so do us all a favor and don't waltz in here and start doomposting about the future of this alliance based on nothing but post-war moves that happen after literally every war
  11. I have many thoughts, and like I just said on discord: Say what you want about SK but it's the oldest for a reason. Nothing changes that. I don't see why SK's future should be called into doubt, and doing so on a publicly viewable section of the forum is questionable at best, Anun. SK lives today, it'll live tomorrow.
  12. I wonder if @Bradley has any thoughts on the fate of SK.
  13. All the people leaving Seven Kingdoms makes the alliance no longer a Top 25 one. As I'm writing this, the alliance is rank 26/357. So far, 6 members have left to form a new alliance that is a protectorate of TKR.
  14. Is it illegal to make a carrier based carrier. I could understand weapon systems being a grey area. But surely an operational flight deck is permittable.
  15. Oh you poor thing. I never relized how much you have to do
  16. Pay off all my credit cards, car loan, and house loan, which hilariously would probably not make a dent in the money at all despite just how much debt it seems at the moment. Probably pay off my student loans too, even though I'm on a track to not having to pay them off if I keep doing public service for the next seven years because again, drop in the bucket and freedom of choice would be a nice burden to alleviate. Buy a dishwasher and a microwave Decorate and renovate my house! Check with my family about their debts probably and help them out. Quit my job. Go back to school maybe. Travel the world! And after all that, I'll almost certainly still have more than 999 billion. What I want in life is not particularly complex but I'm sure with 1 trillion, dreams will expand. :v
  17. Yeah. Rich people definitely play by different rules. OJ Simpson was able to afford so many good lawyers that he was able to be acquitted of murder, and that's also probably despite his race. Lori Loughlin only had to serve 2 months in prison, perform 100 hours of community service, and pay $150k in fines for bribing officials at USC to get her daughters into that school. Her husband, Mossimo Giannulli, only had to serve 5 months in prison, pay a $250k fine, and do 250 hours of community service. The bribes totaled to around $500k. The main thing the more notable of the two daughters, Olivia Jade, only suffered was a loss of brand deals and maybe her spot at USC, which is probably the reason she made a weak apology for her family and being complicit in their bribery. Martha Stewart only served 5 months in prison in 2004 for insider trading. There are probably way more examples of the rich playing by different rules even if you only look at cases of them being on trial for illegal activity.
  18. Would be neat to give the UK a helping hand. Would make for a different modern world.
  19. I would try to lead the Ottoman Empire and try to stay out of the war if possible, as the Empire was reforming around that time and a war would not help out those reforms.
  20. Fun Fact #1: Poland declared their independence from Germany on the same day the Germans admitted defeat to the Western Allies. Fun Fact #2: During World War 2, the French government signed their surrender to the Germans in the same railway car the Germans admitted defeat to the Western Allies in at the end of World War 1. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Compi├Ęgne_Wagon
  21. I have two birthday buddies, one from Puerto Rico, one from Italy. We share the exact same birthday, down to the year.
  22. Here are my answers for the 2 questions: Question 1 (maybe I should've made it a multiple choice question): I celebrate with my family and sometimes some friends. Last year, I played laser tag with my mom, one of her employees, and some of her children. The year before, I did the same thing but with my mom and a few people in my school's Student Council. In Student Council, we rarely celebrate the birthdays of members on their birthday or the nearest weekday to it if it's on a weekend. Instead, we celebrate the birthdays of everyone with a birthday in a given month at the end of the month or at the beginning of the next month if school is still in session. The way we celebrate is by making and giving cards to said members and other members try to find a reason for being grateful for their existence. Question 2: In fact, in my school's Student Council this year, there's one of each. The birthday twin has her birthday a week after mine while the half-birthday twin has her birthday on July 14, 181 days (6 months) after mine. If you're wondering why I gave room of 1 week of difference is because on Snapchat, the charms for those milestones give that much room for error. Here's a list of friend charms on Snapchat: https://appstipsandtricks.com/snapchat-charms-list/
  23. Fun Fact #1: Today is my 18th birthday IRL. If it's January 15th or later for you when you see it, just know that it was January 14 in my area when I posted this. Fun Fact #2: September is the most common month for birthdays while December is the least common. The date varies by country, but in most countries, September is still a peak month. Here are the stats for the UK (although I live in the US): https://www.ons.gov.uk/peoplepopulationandcommunity/birthsdeathsandmarriages/livebirths/articles/howpopularisyourbirthday/2015-12-18 EDIT: On the second question, the third option was originally other. Now, it's other or none because sometimes, you don't have either.
  24. A better place to go would be the keiper asteroid belt or some of jupiter's moons such as Europa
  25. It's a trillion dollars everything is legal if you have 1 trillion dollars.
  26. Yea I know that but that's way less practical than say Ganymede or Titan
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