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  2. I tried to edit it but it wouldn't let me! I thought I was in the "last post wins" thread :3 Anyway. To get this back on track after messing it up. Val's word was: man-eating fruit flies fly repellent
  3. I know Squeegee, Clover (but he's as rare to play anything with as is finding a 57 leaf clover), and I have it. Anyone interested in possibly playing some?
  4. You can ignroe this. I am just testing how the final scroll will embed.
  5. I would guess Faster Than Light
  6. Anun Tidera

    Poll #Who cares.

    I've forgotten to make polls. I think we need a new poll master. https://7kingdoms.net/pw/index.php?/topic/4605-poll-283-new-pollmaster/
  7. As you probably know, I haven't been active with polls. Also, I left SK. I was wondering if we should have a new pollmaster.
  8. Yeah pretty much this. If you want to play P&W seriously, you can stay in the SK community but do not have to stay in the SK alliance. Although, you should for a little bit because I think we could do something really fun, blaze-of-glory type way for SK "exiting" P&W. Anyway personally I'm over P&W and have been for a really long time. I'm in favor of keeping the SK insfrastructure around- and we can move onto other games if we want. Shift the discord server away from P&W which is what @Mikeyand I both have kind of wanted to do for like 3 years (me entirely- I want P&W to die). There was a period of time about 2 years ago where we had some significant growth in users who were great and didn't play P&W. We could potentially do that again, if people are interested- or keep it a tight-knit community. I'm okay with either, I just think the spirit of SK should go on without P&W almost entirely and those who are here can help build SK as a whole back up overall.
  9. I still have about 15 of each flag magnet actually.
  10. I have been playing pw for around 5 or so years. Yugi was in a pretty bad place in his head when he started playing with transferring to a new school and going through highschool shit and wat not. Ya'll have been the best friends I could've asked for, with a shit ton of fun memories. I cant be as active as I was before becuz of rl doodoo as well, but I will continue playing the game just for funsies and to keep in touch with you guys. imo, the most annoying bit of this game is the wars and shit, and for some lols reason they always happen when I'm doing school or on the middle of a vacation trip with family. I think the best thing to do is to retire, but keep the community there. since it does not lead to dissolving the alliance from the game, thats awesome cuz if it would just be straight up earased then thats real poopoo doodoo stuff right there.
  11. Let’s all Heavens Gate ourselves by posting increasingly cryptic messages on the PW forums and then mass deleting
  12. fuck it lets become a Rust clan
  13. I’ll type up my thoughts Sunday when I get back from NH, but I want to clear up something that I think might be misunderstood: If we retire SK, we aren’t going to disband. For those of you who are mostly burned out with the game, we’d stick around in-game to putter along, and still have the discord and forums up for social stuff and game nights and all that. But it wouldn’t be as an alliance with recruitment, aggressive growth strategies, or any real military planning. Obviously no good for anyone who still wants to take the game seriously and make something of themselves, but we aren’t talking about closing the doors and everybody goes their separate ways. The community will stick around as long as people still like talking to each other. But it won’t be as a competitive PW alliance. also for anyone who is still around next month and is interested, I will be sending out a little gift bag of some kind to all members to celebrate our 10 year anniversary on March 15th. It won’t be anything big - likely a small printed scroll with a message from me, and some magnets and a keychain with the SK symbols (old and new). I remember we gave away magnets with the flag a while ago and that was fairly popular.
  14. Basically my thoughts. SK is one of the oldest AA's in the game, and our strength hasn't really been up to it's reputation for years. Squeegee can't take all the blame on that, as I also didn't do as much as I should have when I lead SK. I agree that it's about time we move on from this far-too-long stagnation that SK has had. I know many members feel that way, and this is probably the best approach. We can do it professionally too so those that want to keep playing don't get screwed over. I was prior gov and was burned out on the community of the game years ago. I linger around not to short out on others. I've been wanting to give my nation to someone more active for the last year, albeit not very prolifically. It's still an option for someone who wants a nation of 23 cities. It still has a free name change available (or should have it). --For some short history,-- SK was founded a long time ago prior to PW existing in a game that had phenomenal potential but went down the drain after a server-wide hack ruined the files, and the developer gave up on fixing it (It wasn't the 1st time it happened actually), and the game died afterwards. PW popped around that time and we all joined it and created the alliance here. It had a great high in the start, but as members left with unreasonable vendettas and alliances betrayed us for personal gain, SK started losing it's grip on it's seat at the top. About the time that our original PW leader left for real life reasons, our alliance took it's slow turn downhill. Humps and bumps along the way has led it to now, and it's never been the same. Sheepy didn't help with his very obvious money-grabbing antics he added to the game. --End short history-- Unfortunately God, true neutrality is nigh impossible for SK, even if we had a full leadership change. There's people out there still that just have that negative opinion of our name, many of whom have no real reason or were "matured" into that mentality without knowing the full stories and such. Sucks, but it's reality.Also War is still an important point of this game. It's just always been handled badly (imo) over the last many years. 3-4 years ago wars were maybe 2 months tops, and we'd be in at least 3 per year AND we still were able to grow. The way the game mechanics have changed and how AAs conduct war now is less about winning than it is about destroying as much as possible to determine the winner. Unfortunately, this mindset is set in stone and won't be able to change in any short time, if ever. tl:dr, We should retire in PW and true neutrality doesn't work in PW, much less for SK as a name.
  15. it is a tough question... i like the game, and the community. (except wars, those are annoying) i like playing it as an idle game and the slow development. so i guess i am not leaving the game. for the alliance, i love here. (i forgot when did i come and how did i come). i wish the alliance is still running (at least it is not just a name and no one cares). however, i also understand that many of us cant really afford to much work in the game due to the game meta(?). and even bradley moved to his new alliance. (bradley is so important to us and served us for running the alliance) if, just if... if we cant really having it running like other active alliance outside there. at least can we have the very minimum relationship with other alliances? like... making us neutral and we are not going in their wars and shit stuffs. (idk if neutral still works nowadays, i miss the very very old GPA which had been neutral for a long time). if we cant keep the bank or other loan programs running, we can just shut down the unnecessary services and leave the alliance in very low tax. (and everyone will be on their own, at least for development) if we cannot go on, like some other members stated, we can merge with some other alliance which is welcome to have us. or maybe having multiple alliances that are able to accept us. also as concern, the tax and bank stuffs, well we have records so i guess it is fine.
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