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  2. Ok you know what Xaria, from now on you have to run all of your polls by me for approval before you post them.
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  4. If you had to make a play called "New Pacific Order" who would you cast for the role of 1. Roquentin Options: Kings and ex kings 2. Keshav Options: SK gov 3. Maelstrom Vortex (the guy posting dragons) Options: A list of some miserable SK subject
  5. Last week
  6. I could feel my brain cells dying as I read this.
  7. Your political analysis is about as sharp as a marble, Xaria
  8. If my broke ass has to pay tons in taxes, rich people shouldn’t be able to skate by paying $750 or $0. We’re all in this circle jerk of suffering together.
  9. Not saying we should be listening to him but his audience is going to lol.
  10. Who the fuck is KeemStar and why are we listening to him about politics? It's like listening to Nicki Minaj on history of Anglo-Chinese trade.
  11. Biden's tax rates has changed some people's votes, a popular influencer going by the name of KeemStar has changed his vote publicity and now is voting for Donald Trump, I feel if Biden does not explain his tax changes in full context where people can take it there is a chance but he also has 1 problem which is Donald Trump interrupting the fuck out of Biden.
  12. you would have to be an idiot, let blake do all the work yer.
  13. Can anyone add compatibility with standard emojis?
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