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  2. Why would anything or anyone be ok with this, there is no "legally murdering citizens" and even if they are guilty they should be jailed forever if the person did something horrible. If this system is still used then the ones who thought this was a good idea should die because they are the reason many innocent and the undeserved people died. I agree with this ^
  3. Aside from just generally being heinous and evil, this is incredibly stupid and it demonstrably doesn't work that way.
  4. This is mostly why I'm against it. If only 1 person is wrongfully sent to death, the whole thing becomes a tragedy of epic proportions. Plenty of examples of this happening, too. If it was such an effective deterrent, why do people keep on committing crime? The fact is, if you're prepared to murder someone, you don't care about the consequences. Also, what happens if the person who is sent to death is actually innocent?
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  6. It is much easier and better for the welfare and capability of prisons to execute the large sums of criminals who have committed heinous crimes, than to forcefully cram hundreds to thousands of prisoners to a tiny correctional facility. Plus it would instill the message of consequence to people to not do crime if the fear is well displayed.
  7. Almost every aspect of the American Justice system is disgusting, the death penalty is just the tip of the iceberg. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/George_Stinney
  8. The problem with death penalty is that there’s always a chance that innocent people end up getting convicted and set to death. And once you’re dead and then new evidence comes out, too bad, that can’t change anything. And if they’re actually guilty, just let them rot in jail.
  9. I am getting out of here.
  10. Dude.... wym is a shortcut of What do you mean, people say wdym or some say wym.
  11. It's when the state gets to legally murder its citizens.
  12. I don't know what it is
  13. I dont mind it at all tbh....
  14. It was a little more than half in jest, why I added the "high tier" trash as it certainly isn't terrible in a Dragonball: Evolution sense, just very generic and highly overrated to me. I'm not familiar with your example (wym?) so I can't comment on that. Isekai in general is so saturated everything looks to same to me, seems the studios can crap out titles and make money why actually put any effort into them?
  15. Ruler Name: Benfro Nation Link: https://politicsandwar.com/nation/id=26761 Alliance Name: The Knights Radiant Position in Alliance: Herald of Foreign Affairs Have you messaged the Grand Maester?: Nope - sorry. :P Are there any diplomats who need demasking?: Nope, Alyster is a rockstar still.
  16. SMH. If I put an ecchi anime character as my profile picture it doesn't mean every anime series or every art about anime is ecchi or sexual. like what @Jaime Lannister said I rest my case. __________________ Bruh wym it is the worst, I like their story about Virtual Reality and for me it is a cool anime. Everyone has different taste don't come at me. I am planning on watching OverLord and maybe I will watch Shield Hero when I am done since you mentioned it and I am looking for more anime to watch so.
  17. I thought you were trolling when you said SAO its at best high tier trash anime, the worst popular iseaki out there. At least pick Shield Hero or something. Corey in the House? Might as well say Boku no Pico for edgy answers. Change that to Archer and alright. Anime has a very diverse catalogue. There is a stereotype that anime is all about ecchi but it really isn't. Plenty of shows out there that don't go for panty shots. Going to have to deal with teenagers of some sort in most though, the genre is directed at that demographic... If you want a different stereotype how about the muscled macho hero? Plenty of fighting anime out there, or maybe mecha? Though for those asking for an entry level anime I'd always go for Cowboy Bebop (sort of like Firefly I think) or Full Metal Alchemist: Brotherhood for entry level shows. Which by chance are two of my favs along with Fate:Zero and Steins;Gate, there are several possibles that I'd put as a favorite. For the OP if you're curious I'm a bit of a fan after all. https://myanimelist.net/animelist/gswelcome
  18. Really hard pick this time around, but I went with infinity war just for it being the last set up to endgame and bringing everything together really well, but this was also the first time I watched Ant-Man and the Wasp and I enjoyed it a lot more than I thought I would, that goes for both of the Ant-Man films actually
  19. I don't really know because I've watched them kind of weird. I've seen all of the old ones but not infinity war or civil war. I have seen endgame though. There are a bunch I haven't seen. Shame that work gets in the way of the movie marathons.
  20. It doesn't have to be sexual, infact some are not sexual or ecchi at all it is just that the drawing would look more advanced in a way and the stories with the plots would be a bit different as well... please watch an anime series instead of judging it by it's cover because you sound like you never watched anime before.
  21. never really watched the MCU in full... except Capt. Murica winter soldier and the Black Panther
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