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Laws Guide

A comprehensive guide to laws, how they work, and their effects


Guide Overview

This page, and its linked pages work together to form a comprehensive guide of all laws in Project Terra, and their effects. This page itself lists suggested laws, and explains what laws are and how they work.

You'll notice two sidebars on the right. The top sidebar has links to the 4 different categories of laws. All the laws are in their respective category, and are ordered alphabetically. The complete effects of every law are listed in those pages. The bottom sidebar has links to every different statistical category. Within these categories, every law in the game is listed along with its effect on that particular stat. In these categories, laws are ordered from best to worst for that stat. Please note that some of the stat pages are still under construction, and may not be finished yet.

Suggested Laws

  • Universal Declaration of Human Rights, constitutional
  • Window Taxation Act, financial
  • Rock'n'Roll Act, social
  • Professional City Managers Act, administrative
  • Universal Suffrage, constitutional
  • Open Borders Programme, social
  • Equality of Suffrage Act, constitutional
  • Nuclear Apocalypse Preparation Act, social
  • Robin Hood Tax, financial
  • Traffic Surveillance Act, criminal
  • Basic Criminal Code, criminal
  • Windfall Tax, financial
  • Corporation Tax, financial
  • Capital Investment Tax Credits, financial
  • Foreign Investment Inducement Act, financial
  • Open Immigration Act, social
  • Industrial Waste Mitigation Act, administrative
  • Temporary Workers Permit Act, social
  • Illegal Drugs Tax, financial
  • Relaxation of Drugs Laws, criminal
  • Juvenile Rehabilitation Programme, social
  • Congestion Charge Implementation Act, administrative
  • Size Tax, financial
  • Fatty Foods Tax Act, financial
  • Inheritance Tax, financial
  • National Civil Employment Programme, administrative
  • Judiciary Act, constitutional
  • Fugitive Task Force, criminal
  • Religious Institutions Tax, financial
  • The Sexytime Act, social
  • Hearth Taxation Act, financial
  • Pedlars' License Mandate, administrative
  • Implementation of Meritocratic Government, constitutional
  • E-Democracy Implementation Act, constitutional
  • Privatisation of Fire Prevention Act, administrative,
  • Weregild Implementation Act, criminal
  • National Pride Act, social
  • Hat Tax Act, financial
  • Casino Ownership Act, social
  • Liability Limitation Act, criminal
  • Disease Isolation Act, administrative
  • Public Transportation Act, social
  • Homestead Act, administrative
  • Leprechaun Spotting Act, social
  • Legitimisation of Illegal Business Act, social
  • Unnatural Foods Tax, financial
  • Literacy Tax, financial
  • Mandate of Marriageable Age Act, social
  • Taxation of Intelligence Act, financial
  • Checks and Balances Act, constitutional
  • Sunlight Absorption Act, social
  • Privatisation of Prisons Act, criminal
  • Isolation Act, constitutional
  • Commodity Market Regulation Act, financial
  • Insurance Regulation Act, financial
  • Stamp Duty Act, administrative
  • Balanced Budget and Department Control Act, administrative
  • Emergency Medical Care Act, social
  • Banking Regulation Act, financial
  • Road Toll Act, administrative
  • Market Regulation Act, financial
  • Privatisation of Education Act, financial
  • Pharmacogenomics Assistance Act, social

  • How Laws Work

    Laws affect your nation by modifying your stats (e.g. immigration rate) changing your income directly (e.g Robin Hood Tax), or modifying other hidden factors (e.g power consumption rate per capita.) Every law modifies multiple variables in either a positive or a negative direction. Each law has an integer value (either positive or negative) for every stat it affects, determining how much it changes it.

    The effects of each law vary slightly from nation to nation, so they're presented here using a ranking system rather than exact numbers" For positive effects, the laws get between 1 and 5 plus signs (e.g. +++). For negative effects the law gets between 1 and 5 minus signs (e.g. --) A few laws have descriptive adjectives rather than symbols for certain stats. This happens because the laws effect on that stat is so extreme it falls outside of the ranking system. These adjectives will be clear and easy to understand (e.g. "godawful").

    Daily Income, Power Use, Power Consumption, and Power Generation are exceptions to the ranking system. For Daily Income, we list the % it adds to your daily income. For Power Use and Power Generation we list MegaWatts per day. For Power Consumption, we list watts per person, per day.

    Please remember whilst looking at the laws, the most of them are pretty balanced between positive and negative effects.

    What do Stats Effect

    The stats which affect your income directly are:

    Crime Rate

    Disease Rate

    Population Happiness

    Government Satisfaction


    The things which affect your population growth directly are:

    Birth Rate

    Death Rate

    Immigration Rate

    Miscellaneous Effects:

    Power Generation - How much energy your nation produces per day (in MegaWatts. Increased power generation is good, decreased is bad).

    Power Consumption - How much people use per day (in watts per person. Multiply this number by your population size to find out how much it will total energy it will cost you. Increased is bad, decreased is good).

    Power Use - How much energy your nation uses per day (in MegaWatts. Increased power consumption is bad, decreased is good).