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IRC Users Guide

Everything you need to know to get started in IRC


What is IRC?

IRC is an instant chat program that allows for quick and easy communications between players and for more efficient wartime coordinating. Plus its a great way to better get to know your alliance mates! It is suggested that you use IRC as much as possible as a member of SK.

Getting on IRC

IRC is accessed through a “Client”, a program that connects you to the IRC server. There are several clients available; below are listed the three most popular.


Mibbit is the simplest IRC client as it is run entirely within your browser, rather than us a plugin or downloadable program. There are two ways to get to our IRC channel via mibbit. The easiest is to simply go to our home page, and click the IRC quicklink below the scroll bar. The other method, useful if you wish to start in a different channel, is to go to chat.mibbit.com. From there, simply select your server (coldfront), your desired nick, and the channel that you want to enter. Its as easy as that! Once in, type /j #channel to enter any other IRC channel. Although mibbit is the easy to start on, it also has fewer built in features than other clients, such as Chatzilla or mIRC. Its a good way to get acclimated to IRC, but once you get the hang of it, we suggest you move on to either mIRC or chatzilla if you use firefox.


Though mIRC is a downloadable program, it is definitely one of the best IRC clients out there, and worth the time installing. You can download mIRC here; it only takes a couple of minutes to set up and is easy to navigate. Once you have downloaded mIRC and open up the program there will be a message asking you to register your copy, you do not have to do this and can just click through it.

After you have the program fully loaded a “mIRC Options” box will appear, what you want to do here is too first type out your nick name, remember that you should try to keep it close to your in game nation or ruler name (as an Example mine is Mikeyrox) next you want to type out an alternative in case it disconnects, you do not need to type a name but it is suggested that you add your email.

Next, you want to select the drop down menu on the “Connect” option on the side bar and then select “Severs” and then click on the add button, from here you need to enter all the information that will connect you to the coldfront server. The info box (with suggested responses) should look something like this:

Description: your name for it (I suggested that you use “PT” or Project Terra )
IRC Sever: frozen.coldfront.net
Ports: 6667
Groups: you can leave this blank
GPassword: you can leave this black as well.

Once you have filled this out just select the “Add” option and press connect to be connected to coldfront. Once in coldfront, use the command /j #channel to join any channels you want, for example, /j #SK to join ours.


ChatZilla is a nice IRC add on for Mozilla Firefox. Once you have downloaded it, you are going to want to type in the type box /attach irc.coldfront.net - this will connect you to the coldfront server. Once connected, I recommend right clicking the little box that says irc.coldfront.net and selecting Auto Join. This will automatically connect you to Coldfront whenever you open ChatZilla. After you have joined a channel, you can do the same thing, right clicking on its little box, to automatically join that channel on startup. As with the other clients, once connected to coldfront, type /j #channel to join a channel. #SK is ours.

To choose or change your nick type /Nick [your desired nickname]

Registering your Nickname

Now that you have connected to IRC you will need to register your nick name. This is important because registering is necessary in order to enter protected channels (such as our members channel), to receive channel privileges (if you have been given operator status)and to prevent imposters (you can use the /ns GHOST password command to disconnect anyone trying to use your nickname).

Step 1: Pick a name; to do this type /Nick [desired nickname]

Step 2: Register your name. To do this, enter the following command: /ns register password emailaddress (the email NEEDS to be valid)

Step 3: Go to your email and check for any new emails. There should be an email from coldfront with your validation needed to activate your nick. Once you have the code, enter the following command: / ns AUTH [validation number]

Now that you have register you will need to log on, or "identify" your nick. The following command is used to identify your nick, and you need to enter it every time you get on IRC! /NS identify [your password]

As a side note, if you use chatzilla you can have it auto-identify your nickname everytime you start. To do this, go to Chatzilla -> Preferences -> irc.coldfront.net -> lists, click add, and type "identify [your password] and hit ok. This will have Chatzilla run the identify command using your password everytime it starts.

Auto-Joining Channels

Once you have identified it is suggested that you use an feature known as “AJOIN” which will automatically join all of your selected channels as soon as you identify, so you don't have to keep manually joining them every time you connect. To set up your ajoin, enter the following command in every channel that you wish to start automatically: /ns ajoin add #channel

Alternated, if you use Chatzilla, you can right-click the tabs of the desired channels and select Join Automatically.