Bootleg Radio

Everything you need to know about PT's number 1 radio broadcast

Bootleg Radio is Project Terra's premier radio show. Airing every Sunday at 11pm GMT (7pm EST) and running for 2 hours every episode, the show follows a talk show format combining news, commentary and interviews with different Terran citizens.

The show covers everything related to Project Terra; from PT politics and community issues to game mechanics, updates, and suggestions, with a healthy dose of whimsy and crazy thrown in! The typical format is to have two segments, each an hour long, with a musical break in between. The first hour typically highlights game mechanics and updates, while the second hour is politically oriented.

Bootleg is co-hosted by Tenages and Mordecai from the Seven Kingdoms along with Jasmine from the New Pacific Order. The show is part of the Bootleg Media network of shows. Episodes can be listened to live every Sunday at 11 GMT at or by using the Shoutcast app for your smartphone and searching for "Bootleg Radio".

During the show a live chat between the hosts, guests and audience runs in #bootleg on the Coldfront IRC network. The chat is one of the best parts of the show, driving the conversation and allowing instant interaction between hosts and listeners. All the shows are recorded , and can be listened to whenever you want either at, or by selecting the show you want from the menu on the right. 

Anyone and everyone is welcome to be a guest on the show! All you need to do is have Skype, and to query/PM either Jasmine or Tenages with your request to come on the show. We'll get you scheduled for a show if you ask!

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Tenages has been playing PT since July of 2011 and is currently the King of the Seven Kingdoms. Both a nation building expert and highly involved in PT Politics and the community, he previously served as the SK King's Hand and Lord of Trades. Often called the soul of bootleg (just kidding no one calls him that). Tenages runs the broadcast and other technical parts of Bootleg This job, combined with his incredible absentmindedness and near constant state of inebriation leads to new adventures every week. You never know whats going to happen next. Its radio you just can't miss. 

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Known on Project-Terra for his nation building skills, legendary trolling and biting wit, Mordecai currently serves as Seven Kingdoms Lord Seneschal. He has also previously held numerous SK government positions. Mordecai brings the sex appeal to Bootleg, enthralling listeners with his Scottish brogue, which can only be called orgasmic. Never one to shy away from controversy, you can hear Mordecai ranting about someone or something every week. You don't want to miss the fireworks!  

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A PT player since August of 2011, Jasmine is the current Emperor of the New Pacific Order. Formerly she served as the NPO Imperial Officer of Foreign Affairs, and after that as the Regent of the NPO. Jasmine was the first one to suggest hosting a PT version of Bootleg to the others, so you have her to thank (or blame) for this one of a kind broadcast. Its been argued that half the viewership listens just to stalk Jasmine. Intrigued? Doubtful? Tune in to the next show and observe the phenomenon in person.