Why SK?

Why should you choose the Seven Kingdoms as your alliance?

Age and Experience

The Seven Kingdoms is Project Terra's first alliance, dating back to March 2011. As such, we are the alliance with the most experience and it shows! Our nations are top notch (a quarter of our nations are in the top 2%, with our King the #3 nation in the game) and our guides are the best in the business (our laws guide is probably more comprehensive than admins :P ). If you need game help and advice, we have you covered. 


As an elite alliance, SK prides itself above all on the activity of its members. SK members are always on the forums and IRC, hanging out and having a good time - and with a membership spanning 6 time zones, there is always someone around whenever you get on! 


Here at SK we aren't just a group of PT players banding together for mutual aid, but a unique and independent community. While we always focus on making ourselves the best in PT, we also like to play other games, unwind and hang out. Whether its through our House Competitions where groups of SK members compete against each other in organized events, or through informal Afterwind and Civ V matches proposed over IRC, SK comes alive outside PT as much as within it. This sense of community is what helped us stay together after PT 1.0 went down. 

Unlike in some other groups, when it comes to our community, seniority is never a factor. We value all our members from the newest recruit to the oldest founders; once get accepted you're part of the family. 

Kick Ass Theme

Do you like George R. R. Martins A Song of Ice and Fire, or the derivative HBO series Game of Thrones? Of course you do! So why wouldn't you want to be in an alliance that is based off that awesome universe? From our government positions and departments, to our forums styles and competitions between members of the Great Houses, everything about SK is informed by ASoIaF (and some broad medieval themes). Doesn't that sound better than some vague and extremely generic theme about peace security and democracy that is adopted by 10,000 other alliances?