Who Should Apply

What we expect from members/ is SK right for you?

So you've read the Why SK page, and are interested in joining the Seven Kingdoms. Before you go ahead and apply, however, it is important that you know a few things about what we expect from our members to be sure that we really are the alliance for you. Here is a brief rundown of what we expect:

  • Activity
  • Commitment to your nation
  • Loyalty and Dedication
  • Willingness to let go and have fun


As one of Project-Terra's "elite" alliances, we pride ourselves on the activity of our members. This includes both activity within the game and without. Our members check their nations regularly, and are involved with the community and IRC. If you cannot, or do not want to, check your nation often, and be at least moderately involved with our community, then we are not the alliance for you. 


While activity is important, so too is a commitment to your nation. It does the alliance little good if you check your nation every day but never try and build well. We have expertly written guides that will guide your nation to the top, and we expect our members to utilize them when needed. If you would rather only check your nation a few times, or not stay on top of managing unemployment and keeping up growth (with the help of our guides and advice of course), you will probably not fit in with our playing style, and should look for a more relaxed alliance. 

Loyalty & Dedication

We expect all of our members to be dedicated and loyal to the alliance. This includes not selling alliance secrets or leaking our guides, and paying taxes to the bank. Generally, this means being willing to put the needs of your fellow members above your own when needed. If we get attacked or the alliance goes to war, we expect you to fight with us even if it means the destruction of your nation; SK members care more about standing with their alliance mates than the stats and pixels that make up their nations. This also includes contributing to aid programs to help our weaker or war-torn nations.


After reading all that, you might think that we are a bunch of stiffs who take the game extremely seriously. The truth of the matter, though, is that we are actually pretty relaxed about the whole thing. We aim for the top and try to have nations that can hold their own with the best of them, but we recognize that PT is just a game. We play the game like anyone would play any organized activity - you expect your partners to try their best, but don't  forget to have a good time. We goof off, do crazy things and have fun. If you take things on the PT forums personally, and you treat the game as if your nation was real and actual lives were at stake, then we aren't the right fit for you. 


So, if you can be active, take care of your nation using the tools and guidance we give you,  be willing to stand by your fellows come thick or thin, and like to mess around and have a good time, then I encourage you to head over to the forums and sign up!