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A brief rundown of PT's Original Alliance

Founded on March 17th 2011, the Seven Kingdoms is PT's oldest alliance. With more than 40 members, it is also one of the top 10, an honor SK has held consistently since July 2011. SK is considered an "elite" alliance, in that it focuses more on the quality, rather than the quantity of its members, and maintains stringent requirements for membership (reflected in our nation stats; SK makes up 25% of the top 40, and 1 in 4 members are in the top 2%). Those who wish to be active members of the community are always welcome, however we have no tolerance for deadweight. Government wise, SK is a meritocratic autocracy - those who work hard are promoted up the chain as positions become available. Drive and determination, not popularity contests, determine our leaders. 

The Seven Kingdoms is themed off the Song of Ice and Fire universe by George R. R. Martin, fused with various other medieval themes. We pride ourselves on our amazing theme (we highly recommend you read the books and watch the Game of Thrones HBO series!), and it informs many aspects of our alliance, from government titles to forum styles, the wording of our official documents, the culture, and the way we run our internal competitions. If you like A Song of Ice and Fire, or you dig the fantasy stuff or medieval culture, you will enjoy our alliance. 

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Tenages replaced Lionheart to become King of the Seven Kingdoms in September 2011. Previously he had served as Kings Hand and was instrumental in brokering a truce between GOONS and Guardian. As King, he has presided over the creation of new forums, better relations with a number of alliances, a charter and government revamp, and the pioneering of the paperless FA model.