Current structure and makeup of SK's government.

The Seven Kingdoms is a meritocratic autocracy - all positions are appointed. The King appoints members to be Lords of the Small Council (with approval from the majority of the rest of the council); each Lord is then in charge of appointing members to his/her department. All appointments are made on the basis of merit and the work thus far contributed to the alliance. 

High gov is arranged as follows: The King at the top, with 5 Small Council members (one of whom is also the second in command, Kings Hand) who lead the various government departments. The Small Council positions are: Lord Chancellor (FA), Lord Commander (War), Lord High Steward (Econ/Security), Lord Seneschal (Competitions/Recruiting) and Grand Maester (Education).

 The current government lineup is listed below. For a list of past government members, please see the  Past Governments page

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9/1/2011 - Present (King)
7/15/11 - 9/1/11 (King's Hand)

Tenages replaced Lionheart to become King of the Seven Kingdoms in September 2011. Previously he had served as Kings Hand and was instrumental in brokering a truce between GOONS and Guardian. He was also head of trades before that department was merged into Econ. As King, he has presided over the creation of new forums, better relations with a number of alliances, a charter and government revamp, and the pioneering of the paperless FA model. 

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King's Hand & Lord Chancellor

7/15/11 - Present (Chancellor)
9/1/11 - Present (Kings Hand)

Mikey has been running SK's FA department  as Lord Chancellor since the alliances founding, and took over as Kings Hand in September 2011.

He presided over treaties with Roman Empire, Sparta, Guardian and BK during PT 1.0, and was instrumental in SK's shift paperless and helped pioneer the paperless "FA Revolution."


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Cody K

Lord Commander

7/15/11 - Present

Cody has been in charge of SK's military since the alliances founding. As Lord Commander he helped oversee the brief war with IRON, and created the military structure we have today. Cody is known on the street as SK's walking sex machine. 

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Lord High Steward

8/3/11 - 10/14/11  &  2/13/12 - Present

As Lord High Steward for most of SK's history, Dwitty has setup the current security procedures for admitting applicants. He founded and manages the Iron Bank which has proved instrumental in funding SK's nations.

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Grand Maester

3/21/12 - Present (Grand Maester)
10/14/11-3/21/12 (Lord Seneschal)

As Grand Maester Moridin has overseen the  restructuring of SK's academy. He continually works to make the application process more practical and efficient.  

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Lord Seneschal

6/18/12 - Present (Lord Seneschal)
10/14/11 - 2/13/12 (Lord High Steward)
8/8/11 - 10/14/11 (Grand Maester)

Known in Project-Terra for his legendary trolling and biting wit, Mordecai served as the Seven Kingdoms first Grand Maester, writing most of SK's guides and getting its nations on track. One of the best nation builders and most colorful characters in the game, Mordecai has held more government positions within SK than anyone . He remains one of SK's game mechanics masters. Mordecai is also responsible for writing SK's thematic announcements, utilizing his prodigious vocabulary and sense of the ridiculous to provide truly unique messages.