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    / Alliance Information /

    IRC Channel: #sk
    Trade Sphere: NAU
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    / Seven Kingdoms News / — Friday, January 11, 2013

    SK won big at the 2012 Terran Awards. Tenages took home the award for Best Alliance Leader and SK as a whole was recognized three times, winning the awards for Best Flag, Best Government, and the much coveted crown jewel, Best Alliance. Read more

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    / Join SK /

    SK is Project Terras premier elite alliance. With the best guides, top notch nations, and an active and fun community, we have everything you need to have a good time as well as succeed in PT. Read more

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    / ACDC Program /

    The ACDC Program is designed to help new alliances get on their feet by offering guidance on such issues as writing a charter, making forums, and much more.
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    / Go Paperless /

    The paperless movement seeks to make Foreign Relations more meaningful and flexible by replacing the current model relying on binding treaty obligations with one based on trust and strong relationships. Read more

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