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Establishment of the Ordo Draconum

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Ever have the Seven Kingdoms been an example to the world, a beacon shining forth as an example of chivalry, faith, loyalty, and honor. Long and deservedly have we been witnessed and perceived as a model of good governance, a bastion of peerless members, and a triumphant monument to excellence.

Our pillars of strength have ever been our unswerving faith in the Seven, our loyal members, and the chivalric brotherhoods that grace our alliance. It is the latter element that we address today. Since time immemorial, such brotherhoods and orders have been our society’s strength. They have protected us, fought for us, shared their wealth with us, uplifted the downtrodden, enriched our nation, and brought low our enemies. The names of such orders ring out in the annals of our history: The Night’s Watch, The Kingsguard, The Noble and Puissant Order of the Warrior’s Sons, The Most Ancient and Honourable Valyrian Order.

Today, we add a new order to that illustrious history. By Royal Command, we commission the Ordo Draconum. The Ordo Draconum will be the spear of the Seven Kingdoms, the extension of our will. It will be a reminder to all others of our military might, and the hammer with which we punish evildoers. Those would join the Ordo Draconum must be willing to forswear focus individual growth and profits for the sake of the Seven Kingdoms as a whole. It is a commitment which should not be undertaken lightly, but which we honor deeply. The Ordo Draconum, being a royal order commissioned by the King, will answer to him and to any representatives appointed by him.

The Ordo Draconum, as a chivalric order, is a company of knights. Members may, for the duration of their membership in the order, attach the postscript “D.M.” to their names. The Ordo Draconum will be led by a General, assisted by a Captain. They shall be commissioned by the King, and shall bear the title of Knight-General of the Ordo Draconum, and Knight-Captain of the Ordo Draconum. (In the case where the Commander or Captain are peers of the Realm, they shall be titled Lord General or Lord-Captain.

We welcome the Ordo Draconum to the ranks of the chivalric orders of the Seven Kingdoms. We impress upon them most deeply that the illustrious and glittering reputation of such groups is now theirs to uphold. They represent the Seven Kingdoms and the King and it is their responsibility to do so with honor and dignity.

We name Tenages, Archduke of the House Baratheon, the first Lord-General of the Ordo Draconum, and Sabriel the first Knight-Captain of the Ordo Draconum.

In the name of the Warrior we charge them to be brave.
In the name of the Father we charge them to be just.
In the name of the Mother we charge them to defend the young and innocent.
In the name of the Maid we charge them to protect all women.

This we proclaim and endorse, with signature and with seal, the Twenty-Sixth Day of November, Two-Thousand and Fourteen.

Cody K, First of His Name, Archduke of the House Blackfyre, King of the Andals, The Rhoynar, And of the First Men, Grand Master of the Most Ancient and Honourable Valyrian Order, Lord of the Seven Kingdoms, Protector of the Realm.

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