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The Dragonstone Pact - Ignis Imortales Protectorate (Void)

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The lands of Orbis are fertile and bountiful, overflowing with Milk and Honey. Within them, the Seven Kingdoms has flourished, grown Tall and Strong. Yet as a Just and Righteous people we look not just to our own well-being; we are also commanded to look to our neighbors, and to lend such assistance to the Deserving and Upright as we may.

Orbis is filled with other nations, both strong and weak, noble and ignoble. Amongst these stand out Ignis Imortales, an Upright, Steadfast, and Honourable people whom we are privileged to call our friends. They are young, but hold within themselves the potential to step one day amongst the Mighty of Orbis. We of the Seven Kingdoms could not call ourselves true friends if we did not aid them in reaching that goal.

To that end, we of the Seven Kingdoms have on this day made the following pact with our beloved friends of Ignis Imortales. Mindful that even lords and kings must before the Seven Who Are One, we humbly beseech their blessing upon the Seven Kingdoms, Ignis Imortales, and this pact.

Article I
       Ignis Imortales and Seven Kingdoms agree to refrain from any aggressive actions towards each other.

Article II
       Ignis Imortales and Seven Kingdoms agree to share any information they may receive or discover pertinent to the security and stability of either alliance.

Article III
       Ignis Imortales and Seven Kingdoms agree to support and aid each others continued growth.

Article IV
       If Ignis Imortales is the victim of aggression, Seven Kingdoms will render military, financial and diplomatic aid as necessary. If Seven Kingdoms is the victim of aggression, Ignis Imortales is not required to render aid.

Article V
       While this treaty is in force, the assent of the Seven Kingdoms is required before Ignis Imortales signs any military treaties.

Article VI
       Either party may cancel this treaty at any time. The Treaty will be considered void 96 hours after notice of cancellation is given.

Article VII
       Article V will be void automatically when Ignis Imortales has both 20 or more nations and an average score of greater than 150. Articles I, II, III, IV and VI will remain in force for 15 days after such date, then will be void.

Signed at Dragonstone, October the Ninth Two-Thousand and Fourteen

For the Seven Kingdoms:

Cody K, King
RagnarBuliwyf, Duke Tagaryen
Valdoroth, Duke Drox
Solomon, Duke Stark
Brooklyn666, Duke Cerwyn

For Ignis Imortales:

Ollysho, Leader
ComradeMilton, Leader
Britishdude, Minister of the Interior
Dolf, Minister of Foreign Affairs

As always, the non script plain text of the treaty is in the spoiler.  :)

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