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Game of Thrones Mafia Sign-up #3

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Running low on resources and allies, Cersei Lannister is tasked with defending her crown from the Usurper Daenerys Targaryen and her Dothraki Hordes. 

Who will reign over the Seven Kingdoms?


  1. Mafia (Lannisters) win when all Targaryens are eliminated or unable to win
  2. Targaryens win when all Lannisters and other killers are dead.
  3. All players (including the Lannisters) will vote during the day, then at night the Lannisters will vote again. Players with special abilities will also use them.
  4. Players may not screenshot or copy and paste their role message for other players to see. They may, however, claim to be xyz role on the forums or discord channel.
  5. Non-Mafia faction players are forbidden from discussing their roles in private messages. Players caught will be eliminated from the game.
  6. At the end of a night, the player with the most votes will be killed (Simple majority, not absolute majority.). In the event of a tie, one of the tied players will be randomly selected to die.
  7. Doctors may save themselves once, and may not save the same person on consecutive nights.
  8. Late votes will not be considered.
  9. Once killed, the dead may make a farewell post with their final suspicions but will not be allowed to post for the remainder of the game.
  10. Players will know when an attempt was made on their life if it was unsuccessful (e.g. a doctor saves someone that was targeted). 
  11. Days run from 11AM EST to 11PM EST. Nigts from 11:01PM to 11AM. Updates will not be instantaneous because I got shit to do, yo. 
  12. Host has final say in all rulings, rules subject to change.
  13. Don't be a dick.

More players interested = more special roles. You know the drill people.

Sign Up:

  1. clober
  2. Brooklyn
  3. Carvell
  4. McMaster
  5. Ren
  6. Jaime
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I'm in like sin

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sign me up bitch

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