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SK takes Zodiac to Prom [MDP - VOID]

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Prom Dates- A Zodiac and SK production



Valdaroth sat alone morbidly. It was approaching prom, and he simply didn't know who to go with. He didn't know what to wear. He didn't even know what his friends were doing. Like always, Valdaroth had no idea what was going on. Wasn't Mikey supposed to deal with this for him?


Lost in thought, Valdaroth didn't hear Thomas approach.


“Here again Valdy?” Valdaroth looked up startled, then shrugged.


“Just thinking. Who are you going to prom with?” Thomas looked very pleased with himself.


“Squeegee. You?” Valdaroth sighed.


“I don't know. Mikey was meant to help me organise it, but he hasn't replied to my letters and I can't contact him in any other way.”


Thomas pulled a face. “Well he probably can't read your handwriting. It's totally illegible, just ask insert name here.”


Valdaroth frowned. “Who?”


Thomas chuckled. “I’ll explain another time.”


Article 1: Wanna hang out first?

The Seven Kingdoms and Zodiac come together in this signing and are henceforth throughout the document known as the signatories.


“What is everyone else doing for prom?” Valdaroth was curious.


Thomas thought for a moment. “I don't think Arkiri is going. Something about 20 pounds of horse adrenaline and gains being better. Clover asked Bezzers if he could kill him off so I guess he's dead and Arkiri will be joining him pretty soon, and the writer was too lazy to think of excuses for anyone else. Think Bezzers and Goomy are going together. Aerys is free though.”


Valdaroth shot up straight. “Really?”


Article 2: You’ll win prom queen or I’ll die trying

The signatories agree that should either of them come under threat of losing the title of prom king/queen, the other must help them to defend themselves. If the threat isn't serious or the signatory under attack doesn't feel involvement is required, they can ask the other to remain neutral and watch them kick ass from the sidelines, making defense optional.


“You called?” Valdaroth turned, his gut clenched. It was Aerys. He immediately blushed, and Thomas smirked knowingly. Behind Aerys was Squeegee. It was a setup!


Article 3: So we better match outfits huh?

The signatories agree to disclose, in a timely manner, any information regarding outfit, theme or colour schemes that will help the other signatory not look like a fool upon arrival.


Aerys stood there, looking confused. Then he saw Thomas, and looked back accusingly at Squeegee, who was staring at Valdaroth pleadingly. ‘Please don't hurt me’ he was mouthing.


Then he turned to Valdaroth nervously, his cheerful demeanour way more serious. Slack hadn't prepared him for this.


Article 4: I gotta help a bro find a date, let's catch up later

The signatories agree that should either of their bros come under assault for their outfit and they step in to defend, if they come under assault too because of it the other signatory can watch and laugh as punch gets thrown at their partner, if they want to.


Valdaroth opened his mouth. He paused, then blurted out “Bezzersisrunningoutofarticlesandwantstobedramaticsowillyougotothepromwithme?”


Aerys stared at him. His fingers itched to type a command out, but no slack bot would answer this question for him. He took a breath…


Article 5: This was fun, but was it just a one time thing?

The signatories agree that should either of them want to drop out, they should inform the other 72 hours before they cancel their prom ticket so the other signatory can look for a new date (or go alone and eat a bucket of ice-cream to drown their sorrows)


“Yes” was the simple answer that tumbled from Aerys’ mouth. Valdaroth beamed and breathed it to reply when


“Alright I’m out of articles, call it a day, break it up, blah blah come on shoo.” Bezzers appeared between them, Goomy in tow.

“You know how painful it was to write a prom theme? We could have had Chinese dragons, cheap Chinese manufacturing jokes, anything! Seriously, go!”

tl;dr - SK and Zodiac sign an MDP

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