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Game of Thrones Mafia #2

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5 hours ago, Jean Parisot said:

I for one am very confused. I missed voting last night because I had other things going on and kinda forgot but I admit I probably would have voted for Nibra. Yall Starks need to be less suspicious sounding! Based on the events of the last three nights I would have to agree with Mikey's sentiment regarding the quiet ones. Perhaps they should start talking in here more or we should lynch them. 


Agreed with all the above. Most of the people who have spoken have been killed, and Carvell had barely muttered a word and look what he turned out to be. We need to start accusing and lynching the quiet ones and hopefully we'll get at least the SK. And Jean, it's perfectly fine to feel suspicious of others, because we don't know who's who. Just don't get too paranoid and vote off the good guys.

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Someone's getting hung at 9, you guys have little time. You need to start seriously figuring things out. It's time to stop the talk about needing to do things and actually do them (No this isn't hypocrisy, I'm dead and done helping you guys out outside of encouragement).  It's good to be paranoid about voting off the good guys but it isn't good to do absolutely nothing and chalk it up to "not wanting to vote off good guys". The difference between me and you all right now it appears is that I put effort, reason and evidence (and shared them for all to consider. I imagine some of you are doing real investigations without letting out a peep.) behind my actions and was actively trying to find the right choice when you are merely following suite. Start examining posts of lack thereof, manners of speech, reactions, see if you find similarities between messages that can lead to suspicions of cooperation, do something. And share your findings. It's now or never, perhaps it's already too late. 

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So this is the roster at the present. For all living people I have posted their post numbers (I.E. the number post in this thread). Do what you will with this info, I just wanted it all in one place.

Clover Sansa Stark
Nibra Stark Doctor
LuckyNako 9, 40, 
Brooklyn Petyr Baelish
JaimeLannister 5, 15, 20, 64, 71, 
Sharoyl 8, 49, 68, 92, 101, 
Mikey 44, 45, 48, 66, 87, 94, 99, 
Ren Arya Stark
iTorchic Bran Stark
JeanP 6, 24, 50, 53, 97, 104
Callum 62, 95, 
Carvell Bolton Bannerman
Squeegee 32, 
Havelock 17, 23, 43, 47, 54, 55, 82, 85, 88, 90, 
Bradley 103, 
Valdoscrub 4, 33, 57, 76, 79, 83, 93, 
Blusalomi 14, 38, 69, 81, 89, 96, 


Night 1:
No deaths. Unsure if roles were blocked, doctors saved people or the SK was targeted and couldn’t be killed because it was night.
Day 1:
Four Way tie, no deaths. (Ren, Callum, Squeegee and Brook)
Night 2:
Clover Killed
Ren Killed
Day 2:
Two-Way Tie, no deaths. Brook and Nebra
Night 3:
Brook is killed, we learned that two unsuccessful attempts were made on Nebra’s life.
Day 3:
Stark Doctor Nibra is lynched.
Night 4:
Bolton Bannerman Carvell is Killed, Presumable by the Night King
Bran Stark iTorchic is killed, presumably by the Boltons

Edited by Jean Parisot
Oops, had an dyslexic moment

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1 hour ago, Nibra Kebru said:

I'm blind remember? Plain text

You're also dead, so you're not supposed to be posting at all. Unless I missed yet another rule. Otherwise yes Gandy should post plaintext each time normally.

Ok. I'm going to cede with Jean and Mikey on this. You've both made really valid points that I agree with. But, I don't have any new info. We've got at least one of the Boltons, but we lost yet another Stark, so our net remains the same.

Edited by Valdoroth

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7:00 vote update!

  • Bluebear: 1
  • Havelock: 1
  • Bradley: 1


58 minutes ago, Nibra Kebru said:

I'm blind remember? Plain text


Beyond the wall

Roose, your growing army in the north is cause for concern. You may be a dominant force in Winterfell, but the white walkers will destroy you. The Starks respected our power, but your men crassly ride beyond the wall in order to rape and pillage anything in their way. I've heard reports that Bolton men attack white walkers for sport, and that simply will not stand.

I have captured one of your men, some bannerman named Carvell. Needless to say, he will be replacing the white walkers he killed near Craster's Keep. Should I encounter more of your men, I shall not hesitate to add them to my ever growing army. Then, I'll ride south and put your head on a pike myself.

PS: Huge fan of the flaying alive thing you do. And I've heard you've eliminated quite a few Starks. Bravo. Making my ride south much easier for me.





Citizens of Winterfell, I must congratulate you on killing your own doctor. Your ineptitude seemingly knows no bounds. At this point, I think the Boltons could walk openly in the street and you would still insist on murdering each other. God fucking damn you guys are dense.

Anyways, the point of this letter is to inform you that Brandon Stark has been found north of the wall by Bolton Scouts. While on this recon mission, one of our Bannermen was captured by white walkers near Craster's Keep. Carvell was an asset to House Bolton, so it only seems fair that we take an eye for an eye.

My son, Ramsay, tells me that he strapped Brandon to a chair and sicked his hounds on him. I am told that is was a long, grueling death. Once again, I must remind you that any signs of rebellion will be met with the death of even more members of house stark.


Edited by Gandalf

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Alright, we're out of options at this point anyway. I'll go along with that.

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