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Alliances Protected by the Seven Kingdoms

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Polaris (MDP)

Knights Templar (MDP)

Advanced Idea Mechanics (MDP)




Alliances Protected through ACDC


The ACDC offers a limited form of protection to member alliances in satisfactory standing, in order to offer them the best chance of growth early in their tenure. It is not a formal protectorate. We protect them from raids and offensive wars. We will not involve ourselves in any reasonable retaliation against them for raids or other offensive actions. ACDC alliances that fail to meet growth goals on schedule lose protection and The ACDC list changes frequently;  we recommend checking back in the future for questions about the status of an alliance currently listed. You can also message Mikey for clarification.


Alliances not on this list are not protected by the Seven Kingdoms. If an alliance claims otherwise you can assume they are mistaken, or reach out to us for clarification if you prefer. In the event someone is protected and we forgot to list it, that is an error on our part. We will not seek restitution for damages caused while they were not listed or otherwise officially confirmed as protected.


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