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Placebo of Strumfaher Reich

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Placebo, of Strumfaher Reich has successfully completed the ACDC program!


As our first full graduate, we are proud of all the work has has put into his alliance and we have enjoyed working with him. Since inception, Strumfaher Reich has faced many trials and tribulations, but we believe he has all the necessary skills to continue to build his alliance and take on Orbis. Although he has chosen to not stay close to SK, we congratulate him nonetheless! The future of Strumfaher Reich is in his hands.


Congratulations Placebo, on the creation of Strumfaher Reich. We look forward to working closely with you in the future- and wish you all the best!


As the first official ACDC graduate since re-inception, you are hereby awarded the ACDC graduate ribbon.



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Congrats and Good Lucks and all that

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