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The Sunspear Proclamation (Protectorate - Void)

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The Sunspear Proclomation

Article I: Preamble
The Seven Kingdoms recognizes The Old Guard as an alliance with great potential and vows to respect it's sovereignty. Both alliances recognize the need to keep open communication to maintain a strong and stable relationship, and agree to handle all issues through private channels and conduct bilateral affairs with utmost friendliness.

Article II: Swords in Hand
The Seven Kingdoms gives its word to defend The Old Guard through any and all means available, whether it be militarily, politically, or economically in times of distress. The Old Guard is encouraged, but not required, to come to the defense of The Seven Kingdoms during times of war while this pact is active. 

Article III: Now Our Watch Begins
Both The Old Guard  and the Seven Kingdoms agree to promptly notify one another of any pressing matters or large scale transitions. The Old Guard accepts the Seven Kingdoms guidance and support, agreeing to have all major diplomatic activities cleared by Seven Kingdoms in advanced in aims to ensure that decisions are made in the best interests of both parties.

Article IV: Masters of Coin
SK and The Old Guard recognize that economic support is mutually beneficial for both parties. Therefore, priority will be given to each other over non-allied entities. If either signatory engages in political or military conflicts, it is the duty of the other signatory to offer diplomatic support.

Article V: Cancellation
Either the Seven Kingdoms or The Old Guard may terminate this pact following a period with no less than a 72 hour notification. Violations of any aspect of this article are grounds for immediate dissolution of this treaty without prior notice.

Article VI: Signatories

Signed for the Seven Kingdoms
August 22, 2016

Valdoroth Kai

Signed for The Old Guard
August 22, 2016

Acting Lord Commander - Jack
Grand Duke of Foreign Affairs - Jack3top
Duke of Internal Affairs - Ctigrisht
Duke of Military - Artch Kunschteintunt



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