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A Game Of Thrones -- Mafia Game #1

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This is the official thread for the Mafia Game.


Basic Rules:

  1. During the day phase, all players (mafia included) must PM me their vote for who they want to see lynched. Votes received after the day phase ends will not be counted. I will post vote counts every so often in the thread. 
  2. Mafia Members must PM me who they wish to kill before the day phase begins. Mafia members are free to PM each other as much as they like during both the day and night phase. 
  3. Players inactive for more than two days will be removed from the game
  4. Don't be a dick
  5. Dead players may post a farewell post, but after that they are not allowed to post in the thread.  Update: Living wills are fine.
  6. The Town wins when all mafia members and the serial killer are killed.
  7. The Mafia wins when they out number the Town
  8. The Serial killer wins when they are the last person standing.
  9. Role discussion is only permitted in this thread. Discussion of roles via PMs is prohibited. Posting screenshots, or copying and pasting your role information is also forbidden. 
  10. Doctors may not save themselves, nor save the same person in consecutive nights.
  11. Ties will be decided by a coin flip. There are no revotes.
  12. Rules subject to change. Host has final say in everything.

Living Participants:



  1. Lyev
  2. Bendover
  3. Lucky

Understanding the theme: Here's where I'll explain all the special roles and how they work.


Lannister (Mafia) Special Roles-

  • Tywin Lannister (Godfather)- Investigating Tywin will always result in "innocent", even though he's a pretty bad dude.
  • Cersei Lannister (Role Blocker)- Cersei is capable of blocking one player's role per night.
  • Maester Qyburn (Doctor)- Qyburn is able to perform 2 successful saves.

Stark (Village) Special Roles-

  • Maester Luwin- Doctor
  • Melisandre- Doctor
  • Jon Snow- Cop
  • Lysa Arryn- Jailer. Lysa can protect one player per night in the Vale, but this player will be unable to use their special ability (if they have one).
  • Arya Stark- Using her ability to change faces, Arya can vote twice during the day. 
  • Ned & Catelyn Stark- The only two Starks that know each other's identity.
  • Bran Stark- Another role blocker. Bran can prevent one player from using their ability each night.

Third Party Players-

  • Littlefinger - Bulletproof Serial Killer. Littlefinger gets one kill per night, and wins if he is the only player living at the end of the game. His bulletproof modification means he is immune from being killed at night.

As it stands, there are 2 Lannisters, and everyone else is a Stark


Days begin at 9am EST and end at 9pm EST. Night begins at 9:01pm and last until 9am. Late votes will not be counted. Whoever has the highest amount of votes will be killed. Both Starks and Lannisters vote during the day, and votes are to be PM'd to me. Votes posted in the thread will not be counted. Lannisters vote again at the night, using their private convo. 


Discussion of your roles is only permitted in this thread. Outside discussion (unless you are a lannister), is not allowed. If I catch you doing it you will be banned from playing. You may not post screenshots of your role message, nor copy/paste it.


Let me know if you have any questions!

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Let the games begin. 

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Gorillas are an exotic creature in Westeros. Where did you import them from?

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I was hoping for a more specific answer than an entire continent...

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Sorry! Forgot I had to help my brother move into his dorm today.




An attempt was made on Lyro's life, but it was unsuccessful.


Konstantinurov, however, was not so lucky. Konstant had special instructions from Robb Stark to ride north to Winterfell to inform Ned that there may Lannister spies in Winterfell. Not wanting to displease Robb, Konstant left in a hurry without packing much of his heavier battle equipment. After all, it would probably just slow his horse down. Avoiding the Kingsroad for fear of capture, Konstant took a much shorter, less-traveled route through known Lannister territory. 


After a full day of riding, Konstant stops to make camp for the night. He managers to trap a rabbit, and begins collecting wood to build a fire to cook it on. While snapping sticks to put in the fire, he is completely oblivious to the Lannister bannermen on patrol behind him. The Lannisters see smoke rising from the treetops and decide to investigate. Closing in on the fire, they spot a horse wearing a Stark sigil. The men ready their weapons.


Konstant bends over to blow on the fire, trying to cook his rabbit faster. Before he can sit back up, one of the Lannisters drive a pike into the back of Konstant's skull, pinning him to the fire. The Lannister bannermen laugh while watching Konstant scream in agony as his face roasts on the open flame. 


Konstantinurov was a Stark Bannermen.





Day 1 started at 9am EST, and ends tonight at 9pm EST! Start voting whenever you want! I'll try to keep a running tally somewhere in the thread.

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