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The Convention of Westeros and Essos (Protectorate - Void, Replaced by The Great Game of Westeros and Essos)

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As the Seven Kingdoms has grown quickly in the past few months, our sea traders have increased contact with those in the lands of Essos.
As more consumer goods from the distant continent become more available, the demand for them also rises.
With the best interest of protecting our trade routes and continually expanding our growth, the King and the Small Council of the Seven Kingdoms held a conference with the leaders of the Valyria of lands of Essos.


Convention of Westeros and Essos

The Seven Kingdoms hereby agrees to protect Valyria and all of its holdings. Both the Seven Kingdoms and Valyria agree to abide by the terms of this Protectorate Agreement.

Article I: Defending the Homeland
The Seven Kingdoms agrees to protect the homeland of our Valyrian ancestors, the lands of the old Freehold and the new Valyria.

Article II: Sending of Crows
Both the Seven Kingdoms and Valyria agree to communicate regularly on all happenings by the sending of crows.

Article III: Promise of Gold
The Seven Kingdoms will assist Valyria with economic knowledge and funding in order for proper resettlement of the

Article IV: Valyria Reborn
The reestablishment of Valyria shall be monitored every 30 days.
The Seven Kingdoms and Valyria must agree to continue this agreement or void it if Valyria is successfully reborn.

Article V: Troubled Times
Should either the Seven Kingdoms or Valyria find itself in troubled times and unable to continue this agreement, crows shall be sent to inform the cancellation of this agreement, which shall take effect after 72 hours of receiving the notice.

Signed for Seven Kingdoms
9 June, 2016


Signed for Valyria
9 June, 2016

Gandalf the grey
LCarter Watson

tl:dr SK Protects Valyria

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