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The Drinker's Toast Treaty (Void)

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The Drinker's Toasts Treaty

First Toast:

Seven Kingdoms and New Pacific Order (hereafter “The drinking partners”) sign this pact in the toasting of the finest bourbon in the Seven Kingdoms. Both drinking partners will mutually respect, share drinks, and handle internal brawls between themselves privately.

Second Toast:

The drinking partners agree to share information as necessary to ensure the success of the partnership, and to refrain from actions that would defame, sober up, or otherwise harm their partner.

Third Toast:

If an non-drinking partner or rabble-rousers attempt to harm one of the drinking partners, the other partner will brandish their blades and provide support. Neither partner should be drawn in by scraps involving secondary drinkers pulling either primary drinking partner, unless the partner is directly involved on the initial blows. Additionally, either drinking partner may request the other to not assist if they desire.

Final Toast:

If either drinking partner shows signs of belligerence beyond the others consent, they may request to end such partnership with a 72 hour notice.

Signed and Mugs Raised for Seven Kingdoms:

Vengeance, Justice, Fire and Bourbon
Valdoroth Kai, King
Brooklyn666, Duke Cerwyn
Callum, Duke Redwyne
SoS, Duke Justman

Signed and Mugs Raised for New Pacific Order:
Emperor: Frawley
Regent: Roquentin
Imperial Officer of Military Affairs: T-Pain
Imperial Officer of Foreign Affairs: Auctor
Imperial Officer of Economic Affairs: MrHat
Imperial Officer of Internal Affairs: SynysterGates
Imperial Counselors: Jasmine and Lord of Darkness
Commissar of Foreign Affairs: ComradeMilton




Ended Officially Aug 22, 2016.

Edited by Valdoroth

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