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The Dragonglass Pact (Void)

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The Dragonglass Pact


Article I:

Seven Kingdoms and The $yndicate (hereafter “The Signatoriesâ€) sign this pact in the spirit of bilateral co-operation, correlative investment, and joint profit. In that spirit, the Signatories agree any issues arising between themselves shall be handled privately, with mutual respect.

Article II:

The Signatories agree to share information as necessary to ensure the success of the partnership, and to refrain from actions that would damage each other and the joint venture.

Article III:

In the event that foreign powers or institutions attempt to harm one of the Signatories, the other Signatory pledges all necessary support. The mandate to support is waived, however, should it become necessary due to a Signatories obligations towards, or actions undertaken on behalf of a third party.

Article IV:

Recognizing the the profitability and success of any undertaking is never assured, both Signatories retain the right to end this pact at any time they see fit. Such cancellation will take effect 72 hours after a Signatory provides notice of intent to cancel to the other Signatory.

Signed for Seven Kingdoms:


Vengeance, Justice, Fire and Blood

Tenages, King
Solomon, Duke Stark
Valdoroth, Duke Drox
Brooklyn666, Duke Cerwyn
Sabriel, Duchess Bolton

/$/igned for The $yndicate


Pecunia est Potentia

For the Board of Directors:
Roy Mustang, Director of Human Resources
Jessica Rabbit, Director of Accounting
Boony, Director of Acquisitions
Partisan, Director of Marketing

For the Supervisory Committee:
Chaunce, Supervisor of Human Resources
Aleccs, Supervisor of Accounting
Zed, Supervisor of Acquisitions
Tim Armstrong, Supervisor of Marketing

Tsar Nicholas II


Ended Officially Aug 22, 2016.

Edited by Valdoroth

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