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Guardian 5/2/15 - VOID

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True and Faithful compatriots are one of the true wonders of the world. Without them, life would be nigh unbearable. The Seven have seen fit to bless Seven Kingdoms with the best comrades free men could wish for, in Guardian. One day, standing together during the Long Night, we will throw the Others back into hell, or die side by side. Until then, in the sight of all Men, with the Seven Who Are One as our witness, we swear by our Sacred Honor to honor the following pact

Article I
Guardian and Seven Kingdoms (hereafter the Signatories) come together as allies and long term friends. If there are any issues that need to be settled they will be done so privately and with respect.

Article II
Should either of the Signatories come under attack, the other Signatory pledges all necessary assistance, military and otherwise.

Article III
Should either of the Signatories decide to engage in war with a third party, the other Signatory shall be promptly informed. Such assistance, military or otherwise, as the attacking Signatory requests shall be provided by the other Signatory, unless providing such assistance would bring the Signatory into conflict with another binding agreement.

Article IV
Should military action (offensive or defensive) undertaken by either Signatory come as result of obligations towards a third party, military assistance from the other Signatory is optional.

Article V
This treaty may be cancelled by either Signatory at any time. Such cancellation will take effect 72 hours after notice of intent to cancel is provided.

Signed for Seven Kingdoms, May the Second Two Thousand and Fifteen
Teenagers, King
Solomon, Duke Stark
Brooklyn666, Duke Cerwyn
Aisha, Duke Greyjoy
Valdoroth, Duke Drox

Signed for the Guardian, May the Second Two Thousand and Fifteen
President: Shellhound
Vice President: Tim Armstrong
Vice President: Memph
Vice President: JohnBaraboo

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