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Mensa HQ (void)

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The lands of Orbis are fertile and fruitful. In them, a younger nation has sprouted up, alongside the lands of Westeros. The people of Mensa HQ have proven friendly, loyal and estimable. They have shared many things, including that aphorism that brevity is the soul of wit. In that spirit, with the blessing of The Seven Who Are One and of God Emperor Dio Brando, Seven Kingdoms and Mensa HQ sign the following pact.

Article I:

Mensa HQ and Seven Kingdoms come together as friends. Out of mutual respect, they agree to handle any issues between them privately.

Article II:

If Mensa HQ or the Seven Kingdoms is attacked, the other pledges military assistance, excepting cases where the attack is a response to hostile action taken by the signatory against a third party known to be associated with the attacking nation or alliance. In this case, assistance is optional.

Article III:

This treaty may be cancelled by either Mensa HQ or Seven Kingdoms at any time. In the event of such cancellation, it will take effect 72 hours after notice of intent to cancel is provided.

Signed for Seven Kingdoms, April the Twenty Fourth, Two Thousand and Fifteen

Tenages, King
Brooklyn, Duke Cerwyn
Solomon, Duke Stark
Aisha, Duke Greyjoy
Valdoroth, Duke Drox

Signed for Mensa HQ, April the Twenty-Fourth, Two Thousand and Fifteen
Chairman: Pfeiffer

Vice-Chairman: Vanek26
Minister for Defense: Spite
Security Minister: TellUrGrlThx
Minister of Internal Affairs: MMike
Finance Minister: Kemal Ergenekon



Ended Officially Aug 22, 2016.

Edited by Valdoroth

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