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The Braavos Accords (void)

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Once, an age of the world past, the Seven Kingdoms and the Dutch East India Company shared friendship. But life's travails, differing goals and comrades not in common sundered the twain. Yet even when the divide seemed utterly unnavigable, there remained one pillar of mutual cooperation: trade and growth. For many months have the Seven kingdoms and the Dutch East India company shared a color sphere. We have worked as partners in economic growth, and in doing so, have rebuilt our friendship even stronger. The tie between us has become a firm oak, with deep roots of respect, friendship, and mutual benefit. And so here today, in the great city of Braavos, the traders of the Dutch East India Company, and the lords of Westeros sign these Accords.

Seven Kingdoms and the Dutch East India Company (hereafter “The Signatories” ) sign this accord in the spirit of friendship and respect in order to ensure Orange Unity and Prosperity.

Article I
The Signatories pledge to work together to support continued economic growth of the Orange Sphere, and pledge to to use appropriate measures to maintain the Orange economic bonus.

Article II
The Signatories pledge mutual public respect, to resolve any issues in private, and to refrain from aggressive actions towards each other.

Article III
Should either of the Signatories come under attack, the other pledges military assistance. Should the attack come as a result of obligations towards, or actions undertaken for a third party, military assistance is optional.

Article IV
Should either of the Signatories aggressively attack an ally of the other, this treaty is suspended for the duration of the conflict.

Article V
Either Signatory may cancel this treaty at any time. Such cancellation will take effect 72 hours after the other Signatory receives notification.

Signed for the Seven Kingdoms, March 17 2015

Cody K, King
Brooklyn666, Duke Cerwyn
Solomon, Duke Stark
Tenages, Archduke Baratheon
Valdoroth, Duke Drox

Signed for the Dutch East India Company, March 17 2015

Chairman: Mortimer
Minister of Finance: TheNG
Minister of Defense: stetonic
Minister of Internal Affairs: Wilhelm II
Minister of Foreign Affairs: ColoringNick
Deputy Minister of Finance: Jahngel


P.S. SK celebrates it's fouth birthday today! We can't think of a better capper on the celebrations, antics, and debauchery then to publicly announce a treaty that's been in the works for a little while now, and to let the world know these magnificent heathens in DEIC are our good friends. The only thing left is to convert them to the Faith of the Seven. ;)

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