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Valar Morghulis - 05/05/14 VOID

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Article I: Your Crown is your Crown; My Crown is my Crown

The Seven Kingdoms and Guardian do hereby reaffirm and restate their sovereignty as alliances; this treaty shall in no way violate either signatory’s sovereignty, and both do hereby vow to uphold each other's sovereignty.



Article II: Long may our friendship last

The signatories agree to refrain from taking military actions or in engaging in any form of espionage against each other. Both pledge not to assist enemies of either alliance; be it financially or otherwise. Both alliances agree to maintain courteous relations in public and private venues, and to maintain open lines of communication; informing one another on upcoming matters such as new treaties, military operations, and mutual security issues.



Article III: With Shields in hand, and Swords unsheathed

The signatories do hereby state that an attack on one, is an attack on both; any who engage in acts of war against either signatory shall immediately bring the full force and wrath of our combined military upon the attacker. Neither signatory shall be required to provide assistance if the other signatory becomes involved in a conflict arising through treaties with other alliances, but do hereby declare that it is an option for a signatory to enter into the defense in such circumstances. If either signatory is embroiled in a military conflict due to a military action of offense, rather than defense,  this treaty will not be activated.


Article IV: Let Voices be heard, no Whisperers to be found

Should either signatory uncover information that is a threat to the security of the other party, it is to be treated as a threat to their own; such information must be provided, via private channels and alliance forums, as quickly as possible to one another. Both alliances pledge that acquiring information that is a security threat to the other party and not revealing the information constitutes an immediate cancellation of this treaty and can be treated as an act of war.


Article V: Fertile Lands and Strong Coffers

Both the Seven Kingdoms and Guardian recognize that economic support is mutually beneficial for both parties. Therefore, priority will be given to each other over non-allied entities with regards to trade agreements, loans, and general economic cooperation.


Article VI: Cancellation

The signatories agree that if either finds that the reasons for the signing of this treaty no longer apply, they may cancel the agreement within seventy two (72) hours written notice, or immediately by mutual consent of the other party. Both agree to a period of non-aggression of seven (7) days immediately after any cancellation of this treaty which may not be waived for any reason.



For The Seven Kingdoms




Posted Image King: Cody_K, Archduke of House Blackfyre

Posted ImageKing's Hand & Lord Chancellor: RagnarBuliwyf, Duke of House Targaryen
Posted ImageGrand Maester: Valdroth, Duke of Drox 
Posted ImageLord High Steward: Cow, Duke of House Bulwer
Posted ImageLord Commander: CrackedMind Duke of House Mallister


For Guardian


Posted Image

President: Keegoz


Vice President: mankiller


Minister of Foreign Affairs: abbasmehdi


Minister of Interior Affairs: Longbowe


Minister of War: Jerry LeRow


Minister of Finance: FilthyFifths


Signed and enacted on this, the 05/05/2014



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