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Found 5 results

  1. Clover

    SK GIBMAS 2017!

    Seven Kingdoms Annual Gibmas Extravaganza! Hey everyone, starting tomorrow, we're going to begin the annual SK Gibmas! During this time of the year, we like to give away random steam game keys to SK Network members and friends. These game range from indie to AAA and game of the year titles! Starting on Monday the 11th (tomorrow!), we will do a drawing every day (between 7-10 EST) for games! Every day there will be at least one game, sometimes a couple games- leading up to Satruday the 23rd, which will be our Mega Giveaway. We will list the games that can be won every day in discord. You can win more than once, with the exception of the 23rd- which will have several winners but you can only win once. This year, we have 3 tiers of games: Tier 1 will consist of indie, light weight games. Tier 2 will conssist of more popular, not so indie games. Tier 3 will consist of AAA and very popular games. We have over 40 games to give away total! As we get closer to the 23rd, the games will become higher on, or more coveted, our tier list. To participate all you need to do is pick 3 random numbers between 1 and 4000 and post them in Discord in the "#SK Gibmas" channel. Format like this as an example: (16)(21)(88) If you are an SK member and not on Discord,please join as soon as possible! Unfortunately, if you can't join Discord, you are unable to participate in this drawing. To keep the process fair and transparent for all members, it is a requirement. You do not have to be present when the live drawing takes place as long as you have entered your numbers before the drawing, you can still win! You will be notified via Discord with any keys.
  2. Cody K


  3. Daniel Garcia

    Alphabet Game

    Ok so I'd like to start a new game. Rules are simple: starting person makes a scenario and starts a sentence with a letter. The next person starts another sentence with the next letter and ties it to the scenario, the person after that does the same and so on. When we eventually reach the starting letter, the person who hit that letter creates a new scenario, picks a new letter, and it starts over. Example: (starting letter = B, scenario = its the end of a quarter at an office) Person 1: "Bring me this month's financial reports." Person 2: "Can't you see the building's on fire?" Person 3: "Does it matter?" Person 4: "Everyone else is evacuating." ....... Person X: "After the building burns, I'm going home." Person X: "New starting letter = G, scenario = in an episode of Jimmy Neutron" Person X: "Gotta blast" Person Y: "Hey Jimmy, where are you going?" And so on and so forth. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Starting letter = D, scenario = At McDonald's "Do you have gluten free options?"
  4. Wilhelm the Demented

    Word Association

    No spam forum is complete without word association. I'll start: Stark
  5. Clover

    Forum Games

    It's been a while, who is up for some more games? I don't know any other games that could play out nicely over forum. If that wins we could figure something out though.