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Found 1 result

  1. Squeegee

    SK mafia!

    HEYYYYYY YOUUUUU GUYYYSSSSS! I've been wanting to host a game of mafia recently and had some ideas about trying a discord version of mafia with dedicated roles and channels, for example everyone would have an "SKMafia" mask on discord and gains access to the channel where voting and general discussion takes place. Once a player dies they will be given a "Dead" mask where they gain access to a new channel for the dead to speak in and still have the ability to spectate the general game channel. I would set up DM groups with mafia so they could discuss privately and use polls in discord for people to cast their end of the day vote of who should be hanged. Or we could of course be boring and do regular old forum mafia if anyone is interested that is. I'll wait a week or two so everyone can get a chance to vote before I make any concrete decisions it's likely we won't play for a bit given my finals are coming up, I'm sure some of you are in the same boat but I will work on rules and how the game will be played in the meantime. We could go with GoT themes or if anyone else has another idea we could try something different. Be sure to pm me on the forums or in discord with any ideas!