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Found 4 results

  1. Octavius

    Neptune's Pride 2

    Has anyone here heard of Neptune's Pride 2? It's an Intergalactic space-themed 4x F2P browser game. It's played real time and potentially over the course of weeks. Thus it only requires you to check in each day for the tick when your resources are generated. The primary goal is to capture as many stars as possible while preventing the other players from doing the same. I had played it a while back and liked it enough to buy a lifetime premium membership. I have recently decided to start playing again and think you guys might enjoy it. The game isn't very complex mechanic wise and so it is easy to learn, however the thinking really lies in the diplomacy. Now NP2 is a sequel to the original Neptune's Pride which was infamous for its back-stabbing diplomacy. People seriously lose friends playing this game and the most fun part is forging alliances and having to always be thinking one step ahead of everyone else. This link is here if anyone is interested: https://np.ironhelmet.com/. Keep in mind there are no P2W elements at all. The only thing you can buy are badges which are a way to commend someone for being a good player and whatnot. Premium membership gets you fancy icons and allows you to create private and custom games. I'm hosting a Star Trek RP private game here if you are interested in joining: http://np.ironhelmet.com/game/4673955537616896 The password is dsout4harambe
  2. With the finalization of the construction of the Estovakian Space Centre, research on orbital rockets can finally begin. The Estovakian Space Agency has begun work on an orbital craft, fitted with various scientific instruments to do research on the upper atmosphere and the rocket's flight. This first rocket, the Mark I, is expected to be completed in 2 months at the least.
  3. Argentinian Cosmic Exploration The New Antioch space center was complete. The last construction crews left the site as the site was manned and filled. Nearly simultaneously, the first fully-built rocket was wheeled to the launch pad and prepared for launch. It was only a test rocket, testing all of the systems necessary for an actual space rocket. Many of the components were cross-referenced with FANSA's database, enabling the rocket to be constructed better on a faster timescale. Some systems were completely from scratch. Watching this first launch were thousands of citizens, the government, and the military. The rocket was planned to enter the upper atmosphere and then re-enter and land in the South Atlantic. Out in the Atlantic was a small military group, patrolling near its projected landing zone, prepared to recover the rocket. ACE-TR-1 was set upright on the pad and the systems were checked. "Engine throttle is operational." "Fuel pumps operational." "Guidance locked." "Stabilizers... functional." "Parachute system active." ACE mission control ran through every step of the rocket as they prepared for the launch. Systems were called out constantly over the base radio. After a while, they stopped. "All systems green. We are clear to launch." Antonio Riviera watched from the safety of mission control. He was considering speaking about the launch, but it was only a test. The operator began the countdown. "10...9...8...7...6...5...4...3...2...1...Liftoff!" A massive roar reverberated through the complex as the engines ignited, lifting the rocket up by inches. The launch tower disconnected and the rocket began rising into the air. Plumes of smoke obscured the launch pad as it shot up, rising high into the atmosphere. It soon disappeared to a mere pinprick. "Reporting successful stage separation." A pause. "Reporting a guidance system failure. The rocket's beginning the descent late." Thirty minutes later, the body of the rocket plummeted back to the planet and the chutes opened, guiding the rocket slowly back towards the Atlantic. The first stage followed it, a few hundred kilometers behind. The launch was successful, and successfully tested most--but not all-- of the systems necessary for space flight. The guidance system would need work especially. So begins the ACE program.
  4. MEMBERS France United Kingdom Alpine Confederation Roma OWNERS Aérospatiale (France) - 41% Matra Haute Technologie (France) - 10% Phule Industries (Alpine Confederation) 25% Panavia (Alpine Confederation) 10% Representatives from the UK, Germany, Sweden, Norway, Roma, the Rhineland, and The Alpine Confederation, both from the government and the private sector, were invited to a conference in Paris to discuss cooperation amongst these nations in Aerospace projects. [basically let's make the European Space Agency and Airbus]