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Found 1 result

  1. Clover

    Seven Kingdoms Lottery

    So we had an in-house lottery, but due to war and the like it kind of died. Do you want it back? Would you actually play it? Tell me your feelings. Here is a post from Val's initial introduction. If we bring it back we can make changes, but the way he has it set up now is pretty good. "Hello SK! Today I introduce the lottery system. Lottery numbers will only be chosen once a month on the 1st. Here's the link: Lottery System Current Status: Status Here's how it works: You can buy tickets for $5,000 each. Deposit the amount equal to the number of tickets purchased (each entry is 1 ticket). You have 5 numbers to choose and a bonus. They are as follows: 1: 1-10, 2: 1-20, 3: 1-30, 4: 1-40, 5: 1-50, Bonus: 1-20 The payouts increase as more entries are added. The initial base payouts are per each correct based on probably chance of correct answer as follows: 1: $2,500 2: $10,000 3: $22,500 4: $40,000 5: $62,500 The formula for each is: (250+entries)/(chance of correct) Bonus will multiply winnings by 2. The maximum possible BASE is: $42,194,971.17 This increases fast as more entries are placed."