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  1. I think we should setup something of a recurring game night. We find a night, or nights, where a lot of us are usually online and available, and we just set that as an SK game night. The games themselves can be chosen the day of, though I imagine a lot of rocket league, town of salem and overwatch (in terms of what we have in common). Obviously we'll keep doing pick up games and me bugging people to play with me on discord all the time, but i think having a set time that we know will happen will lead to more actual playing, and fewer threads that never lead anywhere lol. To that end, I'd say post your ideas for when we should do it (and when you'd be available in interested), I'll pick times based on whatever is most common here. Feel free to also suggest any games for it, ideally free, cheap, or something several of us already have.
  2. Whoops I forgot to post something yesterday Every year March 17th sparks a bout of drunken reverently across the world, partly because of St Patrick day but mostly because its the day SK was founded. As of the 17th this year, SK is now six years old! Thats even older than the average age of the government! Truly a grand milestone for us all.
  3. So the humble bundle is having an arma bundle right now. 1$ gets Arma1 + expansions, 7-8 (beating the "average" as of when I checked) gets arma2, but most importantly paying 15$ gets Arma3 (and the karts DLC which is kind of useless). I know a few of us already have arma, and I highly recommend it to anyone interested in military sims or joining us faffing about on public servers and getting mowed down
  4. So Brooklyn, Callum and I will be playing HoI4 tomorrow in the evening if anyone is interested. No concrete time has been set yet (just not in the day or early afternoon) so we can be a bit flexible with that if people have specific times that are good for them.
  5. Eu4

    Early on you'll need similar troop levels as the natives, though as you tech up that will go down (they stay at starting)
  6. Eu4

    Yeah I usually keep tarrifs around what they are for a few years so they can get their house in order (since I usually only take 10 provinces in my first war so I can get the colonial nation, then take the rest and make them core it Leaves them a bit unstable for a few years though) and then jack them up. I used to not like going above ~30%ish but then I noticed in one game that Castile, with significantly less tax and production than me, and in a trade node of lower value (and with less control over it), was somehow making nearly as much money as I was. Turns out it was all from Tarrifs, and while I had 3 large colonial nations (Mexico, Peru, North America) at 30%, they were pulling in almost as much from La Plata. I don't know how high they must have sent those tarrifs (and I am also playing on very hard which does give them extra bonuses), but it seems you can really squeeze a hell of a lot of cash out of them. They formed spain super late and only colonized La Plata yet were still #4 in income thanks to it...
  7. Eu4

    Also hike tarrifs on your colonial nations and CONQUER MEXICO AND PERU. If they haven't been taken go for them as soon as you can. It will cost a fair bit of adm points to core it (and once you get 5 cores it forms a colonial nation, so any land you take after that will be their problem. You'll have to station some troops there to help them deal with the inevitable rebellions that takeplace while they spend the next 10 years coring the rest, but you won't have to spend the mana ) but its so worth it. Both of them, once they have fully cored and converted their territory, can start netting you 15-20 ducats a month in tarrifs if you raise it to 30%, and that number will steadily grow with time. You can also hike tarrifs even further, their lack of cash will prevent them from building a large army, which will reduce the desire for independence they get from relative power. But they will also be a lot weaker in defending themselevs from other colonial nations and revolts. so I would wait a bit for them to convert and core everything, and then if you aren't going to get in too many wars with their neighbors, you can hike tarrifs even further. The AI massively ups its tarrifs and pulls crazy money from its colonial nations that way. Colonies in Africa except for the key trade provinces are mostly worthless (unless you are invading the Kongo or something. Its development is kind of meh, but if you are a small colonizer it can be quite useful to get that territoy and make it states to boost your otherwise lackluster home territory). Just get the good trade ones and enough that you can sail down the coast without too much attrition, and go for asia.
  8. Eu4

    So the downside of stationing troops in colonies to protect against native uprisings (aside from needing to create and set aside troops for them) is that you can't lower army maintenance. If thats an issue I would just exterminate natives. When you place an army on a colonial province (doesn't matter if its currently empty or being colonized) you can order that army to attack the natives there (I think the symbol to do so is two crossed swords, its in the menu of the specific army, in the same spot as "hunt rebels" "forced march" etc). For larger native ammounts you may need to attack a few times (I'm not quite sure how it calculates it, but the number killed is related to the ratio of attacking troops to natives) before they are all gone. Once done you won't need to worry about uprisings anymore The down shot to this virtual genocide is that 1) it takes mil points to attack natives (though not a lot unless they have like 5-6 thousand) and I think when a colony is complete it gets .1 development or .1 goods produced (I forget which) for ever 1000 natives there. Honestly though its not nearly enough to make it worth it imo. The only time I wouldn't exterminate is if you make enough money that you have no need to keep maintenance low, at which point a garrison could be useful to get the chance to fire the Native Assimilation event that adds +100 population to a colony.
  9. Eu4

    Not sure, I never really played them much. Also I have all the expansions so westernization isn't a thing anymore and its been a while since I've had to do it. Honestly it can be stupidly expensive to get all the main expansions (my gripe with paradox in general, I'd like to see an 80$ starter pack that will contain all big DLC and be updated with every one) but its super worth it, especially when they go on sale (which they do fairly frequently) and become reasonable.
  10. Eu4

    I don't really recommend Sweden as a beginner nation. Well if you aren't playing on Hard its probably not a problem, but I am in a Sweden game currently actually, and while I love them, getting independence from Denmark can be kind of a pain in the ass. For some easy swede shit I would say go ahistorical and if possible rival Poland/Lithuania and ally Russia if you can. They will be the most dangerous threat to you, so if you can get them allied thats for the best, and Poland has most of the important Baltic provinces for trade and development anyway.
  11. Eu4

    I would do native extermination if you don't mind a bit of micromangement. If you have that policy and keep a unit on each of your colonies, it should be enough for most to stop the uprisings (except for some with 4k+ natives, which is mostly in asia anyways) and there is a chance to get a native assimilation event for +100 colonists. Alternately do what I do and just send in an army to sweep and wipe out natives in whatever area you are colonizing, so there is nobody to rise up with the higher chance from the policy. Then you can enjoy that nice +20 settlers a year with no penalty Also I recommend recalling your colonists from a few colonies and sending them out again. Colonies grow exponentially more expensive the more you have over your limit, but the first few over are only like 2-8 ducats, which can be easily sustained after a bit of time. Also don't forget Africa You don't have to colonize it per se but make sure to get some good high trade value provinces in the Ivory Coast node, because that is where you will be steering any trade you get from Asia. Unless you are playing as a colonial Italy or something, in which case mediteranian nations can pull trade through aden into alexandria into the Med. if you managed to seize that before the ottomans.
  12. I need to crash more tanks.
  13. Damnit forums wont let me embed a video Been listening to this lately, highly recommend: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SammrM05WnI
  14. Eu4

    Kingdom of Jerusalem best Kingdom. Remove Byzantine. 1204 best year of my life, Latin Empire Stronk!
  15. Added Rust