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  1. Added Rust
  2. Added Town of Salem and EU4. Fuck it I'll add CK2 and HoI4
  3. Ok so I went ahead and made roles for the following games: Overwatch, Rocket League, Arma3, Atwar, R6 Siege, catan and BF1. I am willing to add Civ and Eu4 if a few more people chime in that they play and would be interested. For everyone else, post here or DM me with whatever games you want to be added to.
  5. Post in this thread with what roles you want to be added to. You can also message me or Clover on discord instead. If the SK Gaming bot is online, type .iam [ROLE] to add a role, or .iamnot to remove it. You can request for new games to be added, as long as at least 5 people on our discord are interested. Current Roles Overwatch (@overwatch) Rocket League (@rocketleague) Arma 3 (@Arma3) Starbound (@starbond) Settlers of Catan (@Catan) At-War (@atwar) Rainbow Six Siege (@siege) Battlefield 1 (@BF1) Town of Salem (@ToS) Europa Universalis 4 (@EU4) Crusader Kings 2 (@CK2) Hearts of Iron 4 (@HOI4) Garry's Mod (@Gmod) Rust (@rust)
  6. Yeah, on the one hand I really don't know why nobody killed the Vig, since he has been known for 2-3 phases and is the strongest townie. On the other hand its pretty much the one thing that is winning us the game so I can't complain But seriously mafia, step up yo game! I thought the fake list from Areton was quite clever though actually, along with the attempt to pretend he didn't know he could win alongside the mafia. It honestly fooled me, though lucky dying and proving to be a bolton revealed the facade.
  7. So lets go over who is left and who is the most suspicious Mikey - I have been relatively active in here, putting forth theories with the others. Some have proven unfounded, some have been Mafia. The Mafia are claiming I am the SK, though they also claimed that exact same thing about Callum who proved to be a stark Banner. Havelock claims to have targeted me and found me night immune, though given the mafia targeted Jean P last night I'm not sure how that could have gone down. On the one hand I find it hard to believe the words of the Mafia, still trying to save itself, which has already lied and mislead about one SK. On the other hand there isn't much else to go by with regards to who the SK is. Squeegee - Has been completely silent the entire time. Could be SK or Mafia trying to remain low key so we don't target them (I'd say its worked on me at least, I honest to god forgot that he and Bradley were even playing). Could also just be super inactive. Suspicious. Bradley - Same as above. Valdoroth - Confirmed Vigilante, savior of the town. The only non suspicious person.
  8. Well shit we should have hung havelock four turns ago as planned Bravo to valdoroth though. I dont know why neither the Mafia nor SK would have killed him, but he's basically won this one for the town. We have such better odds of winning this time. Just gotta find the SK to hang, Val can shoot the other bolton. Might just win this turn.
  9. There is a good change they are mafia based on their silence. For townies there is no reason to stay quiet, as we are walking a razors edge here. That or they are just super inactive
  10. I honestly forgot Bradley and Squeegee were playing.
  11. Lol in my defense, Jean P is not a Valyrian, so I'm not only advocating we hang all the Valyrians. Though we should totally hang all the valyrians
  12. Well fuck. I was pretty confident after Lucky, listed as a stark, was revealed to be Ramsay Well we know Val is the vig and he gets one kill tonight to hopefully clear things up a bit.
  13. I mean they've already come up with one list of roles. The previously "disclosed" SK was a townie. Now I'm the new target. If Jean and Havelock then out to be mafia we'll know why, since I've been spearheading the campaign against them on the assumption all the townies on the fake list are mafia. Whoever is hung and does tonight, regardless, should hopefully make things a lot more clear.
  14. Well the two most suspicious are still the other two listed as Stark Bannerman on Sharols fake list. I say we hang Havelock per previous agreements and because he is one of the two remaining "starks" on that list. You are probably right that Lucky role blocked you before dying to the SK. I'm not sure why the mafia wouldn't just kill you You can try killing Bluesalomi again, though Jean P might also be a good target as he is the other listed stark.