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  1. Moridin

    A Game Of Thrones -- Mafia Signup

    When does this start?
  2. Moridin

    Alphabet Game

    Hi, is this where I pick up my Baconator?
  3. Moridin

    Star Wars

    Yeah, that's as I said. I meant it was never referred to as Episode I. It was either Star Wars, no Episode, or it was Episode IV. When ESB was released, it was Episode V, not Episode II.
  4. Moridin

    Star Wars

    Wait, what? Everything I've seen online indicates that Empire Strikes Back was marketed as Episode V from the very beginning, and ANH as Episode IV from 1981 on. I know ANH was originally simply titled Star Wars, but where was it referred to as Episode 1?
  5. Moridin

    Alphabet Game

    Right, if I'm not going to get any service here then I'll just take my business to McDonald's in the future.
  6. Moridin

    Alphabet Game

    Look, can I just get my Whopper or not?
  7. Moridin

    Alphabet Game

    Fine, just give me a gluten free Big Mac.
  8. Moridin

    So I did a thing...

    Hey, come on, no need to think like that! I'm sure you'll get the nicest rejection letter ever. Nah, I'm sure there's a reason that they haven't officially restated the qualification requirements to be what you said, so don't give up hope. Either way, we're all super proud of you!
  9. Moridin


    Ah Kyte, what a valuable member of our team, right guys? Guys?
  10. Moridin

    Hum a song challenge.

    Nope, that's not it. If you mean the starting lyrics, they aren't literally 'na na na'. Although the words, while not appearing in the parody either, are somewhat tangentially linked to the subject matter.
  11. Moridin

    Hum a song challenge.

    Okay, try this one: Na na na na na na, naaa na naaa. Na na na na na na, naaa na naa. Na na na na na na, naaa na naa. Na na na na na na, naaa na naa! Hey! I'm actually going off a parody, but it should work for the original too.
  12. Moridin

    Word Association

  13. Moridin

    Star Wars Thread (Holy Spoilers Batman!)

    I think rewatching the OT, especially ANH, gives us a lot of insight into Kylo Ren that actually makes the whole movie a lot better. As so many people have pointed out, TFA was basically ANH: Electric Boogaloo. It was similar in almost every aspect, almost. The difference? Kylo Ren. Look back at Vader in the OT. He's calm, collected. Even when he's angry, he's in control. He takes out his rage by standing there and choking his subordinates to death with his mind, impassive throughout. Look at how he kills Ozzel. He says "you have failed me" and then proceeds to give Piett instructions without so much as a consideration for the man he's murdering while the conversation is happening. Even Piett is a little unnerved by it. Comparatively, Kylo's anger is childish. It reveals itself in tantrums. When he's angry, he gets out his lightsaber and whips it around (without, interestingly enough, actually killing any of those working with him). He doesn't have the composure that Vader did, and it shows again and again, because ultimately this is not a Sith Lord but a fanboy aspiring to someone so much more than he is. This is why I'm actually okay with the Kylo Ren loss after my second viewing. He didn't lose because he was less skilled, or because they overwhelmed him. Before Rey dips into the force, there is no real point where he is losing, but unlike Vader's methodical and purposeful style, he's screwing around, because he's arrogant and not in control of his emotions. He is, ironically enough, Anakin done well. And that's why I've come to really enjoy TFA, because while it basically copies ANH wholesale, it takes the time to do this one thing different and that sets the tone for the rest of it.
  14. Moridin

    Word Association

  15. Moridin

    Count to 1000

    Two hundred and ten teen. That looks right.