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  1. Zuler

    I have a Clone!

    No problem. Different name for the same group, respect that he has the same interest and took the longer name. I have a thought on this but I need to confer with someone but not war.
  2. Zuler

    Last post wins

    Just for old times...
  3. Zuler

    Count to 1000

  4. Zuler

    Keep one, Drop one

    steak knives
  5. Zuler


    You asked for GIFs? I have some laying around...
  6. Zuler

    Keep one, Drop one

    five toes
  7. Zuler

    Keep one, Drop one

    cliff dweller
  8. Zuler

    Keep one, Drop one

    Create a two-word phrase using one of the words from the previous poster, and replacing the other word. Cannot be compound words. (ex. basketball). Example- first poster: palm tree, second poster: fir tree. To start: mountain stream
  9. Zuler

    Happy birthday Zuler

    Thanks Ragnar! It was, just now saw this though and just made it back from going out with my family for my birthday.
  10. Saw Edge of Tomorrow and wasn't disappointed, I really thought Tom Cruise wouldn't pull it off but he did. Also Jupiter Rising was pushed back to early 2015