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  1. Ye Olde Graphics Shoppe

    Thanks, also, if possible i would like you to take the crown off too.
  2. Ye Olde Graphics Shoppe

    This is like the unique one that I really like, but the effects on the flag make it a shit, but yes this one is almost perfect. If its possible, dont put any crowns, because its a parliamentary republic, so crowns would not make that much sense, you still can use the designs from that era, but dont use a giant crown like this one: What definitely I dont want its a red with yellow, green flag, thats awful, like this one:
  3. Ye Olde Graphics Shoppe

    Well, Im looking for a good Iberian Union flag ( Portugal + Spain unification) but I dont see any flag that makes me think, fuck this one is great asf, so there you have an idea, gl.. Thanks.