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  1. Bilal the Great


    I came back to this
  2. Bilal the Great

    War Advisors

    War? Don't be ridiculous.
  3. Bilal the Great

    Have we finally gone too far? (VERY NSFW)

    Eh could be worse.
  4. Bilal the Great

    Me IRL

  5. Bilal the Great

    Mount & Blade

    In Napoleonic Wars I mostly only play bot survival or commander battle. L'Aigle, Gekokujo, Warsword Conquest, Prophesy of Pendor, and North & South First Manassas (multiplayer mod for NW).
  6. Bilal the Great

    Mount & Blade

    Graphic is shit but gameplay is gold in my opinion. Multiplayer is fun, especially Napoleonic Wars.
  7. Bilal the Great


    Ah yes, I used to play it but I was not very good.
  8. Bilal the Great

    Summer sale hype thread

    So ends up picking Empire TW, Borderlands 2, Left 4 Dead 2, and Ghostbusters game. I used to pirates all of these games, glad to finally got the official ones. Also anyone else here play Insurgency?
  9. Bilal the Great

    Summer sale hype thread

    XCOM, Empire Total War and Borderlands 2, all in my wishlist, are on sale for 75% yes
  10. Bilal the Great

    Britain leaves the EU!

    "Western Politics" is the best tv show ever.
  11. Bilal the Great

    Summer sale hype thread

    Hope indie devs put up their games on sale.
  12. Bilal the Great

    Objective Games

    I surprisingly made some money from dice. I came out with extra 500k.
  13. Bilal the Great

    New player message

  14. Bilal the Great

    Star Wars

    Hyped for rogue one! Always wanted to see the regular rebels in action. To be honest, I think that "Jar Jar is a Sith that have secretly manipulated everything" theory was pretty cool, and I'm I feels weirdly disappointed when I watch TFA (yes, that theory is very unlikely to happen, but it's way better than rehearsing New Hope and rides on the fan's nostalgia).
  15. Bilal the Great

    Neptune's Pride

    I'll try playing in other servers first.