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  1. Last post wins

  2. Last post wins

    Giant pandas.
  3. Last post wins

    My badges look beautiful.
  4. Last post wins

    Are you even trying?
  5. Last post wins

    A Y Y Lmao
  6. Last post wins

    *Spam* This was the 666th post.
  7. Last post wins

    Damn it, I get it now... but the other dates were right?
  8. Last post wins

    Like 09/11/90 ? That would be a palindrome.
  9. Last post wins

    Stop... Is an anagram of post.
  10. Last post wins

  11. Last post wins

    Lol, I knew Val would come back. He takes this very seriously.
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  13. Last post wins

    I didn't notice you were winning for 2 weeks... Val has been overthrown.
  14. Just one issue, my character keeps turning indian while im customizing him.. Also I have no idea how to play
  15. Last post wins

    He's referring to me, of course.