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  1. Aidan Vazscher

    What are you listening to?

  2. Aidan Vazscher

    I made a video with Mikey and Lyro

    Oh god can I refund 2 minutes of my life.
  3. Aidan Vazscher

    An Average Day in Court

    Lmao water dose
  4. Aidan Vazscher

    Imprudent Aidan Vazscher No More

    Yes, Brookyln666.
  5. Aidan Vazscher

    Imprudent Aidan Vazscher No More

    Yes. Some of the Small Council, especially Brooklyn666, and even Valdoroth, the King himself noticed how imprudent I was in my actions. I became a Season 5 Cersei Lannister with this one. It's like inviting the Faith Militant in King's Landing. I forgot my oath as a member of Seven Kingdoms, and I ask for forgiveness. I put Seven Kingdoms into shame. Yes. Ring the shame bell for me. Me as Cersei Lannister That's why I decided to renew my oath. I, Aidan Vazscher, do sincerely promise and swear that I will be faithful and bear true Allegiance to His Grace the Rightful King of the Seven Kingdoms, Valdoroth, First of His Name, and to his Designated Small Council. I swear upon Honour and Faith that I shall, to the utmost of my ability, defend His Grace and the Small Council against all Treasons and Traitorous Conspiracies which may be formed against Him or Them: And I do faithfully promise to maintain, support and defend to the utmost of my Power, the Succession of the Crown and the Alliance. I swear to bear faith and true allegiance to the Rightful Governance of the Seven Kingdoms, through adversity and in peace, in the knowledge and expectation that they shall bear faith and trust in me. I do solemnly, with Honour and Virtue forthright in my heart, profess, testify and declare that I do make this Declaration, and every Part thereof, in the plain and ordinary sense of the words of this Oath, without any Evasion, Equivocation or Reservation whatsoever. Signed: AIDAN VAZSCHER And now the shame bell begins....
  6. Aidan Vazscher

    Alphabet Game

    Just let this thread flow because why not.
  7. So GoT's Season 7 will premiere on the latter part of 2017. :(

  8. Aidan Vazscher

    Season 6 Finale (SPOILERS)

    ESPECIALLY WHEN SHE WAS SAVAGE AF TO THE SAND SNAKES. "What is your name again? Barbaro?" "Do shut up, dear" "Anything from you? No? Good." "Let the grown women speak."
  9. Aidan Vazscher

    Season 6 Finale (SPOILERS)

    Yea Lady Olenna losing her family made her thirsty for vengeance. She's just so done with Cersei's impulsiveness and I also like Lady Lyanna.
  10. Aidan Vazscher

    Season 6 Finale (SPOILERS)

    YEAH. She has beauty inside and out. She knew what was coming in the Sept. And yea Olenna being savage. I think Cersei vs. Dany would happen on the latter part of Season 7. Cersei & Euron vs. Dany, Greyjoys, Martells, Tyrells It seems that Jon only wants to fight the dead, not to become a ruler. People said that Sansa is jealous of Jon when in fact I think she's worried about Jon because Littlefinger probably has a plan (He wants the Iron Throne, remember?) Yea, Cersei's prophecy is not yet done. She will be killed by Valonqar, which means little brother. So probably Jaime (Tyrion will be busy with Dany for sure, and Jaime is probably by her side)
  11. Aidan Vazscher

    Season 6 Finale (SPOILERS)

    I just died inside that many of the Tyrells died, especially my queen Margaery (who else did?) And now Cersei's the new Queen (Season 7 will be really hype) And R+L=J CONFIRMED and there's this theory that says Jon Snow (shall I call him half-Stark half-Targaryen?) has a twin whose name is Meera Reed (hmm can be true can be nah) And Jon Snow's the King In The North (probably Littlefinger has a dark plan) And YEA KHALEESI WITH THE GREYJOYS, MARTELLS, AND TYRELLS SAILING TO WESTEROS (AFTER 6 SEASONS OH MY GOD) but there's this prediction that she would be staying in Dragonstone just like what Aegon the Conqueror did. PS. I really love the music in the trial (Light of the Seven) Cersei will die next season I bet it
  12. Aidan Vazscher

    Season 3 [GoT: Spoilers]

    D&D probably wants to focus in Jon Snow and Dany's plotline hmmm